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Bombshell new claims about why Jamie Gao was murdered by cops Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara 

Drug dealer and aspiring gangster Jamie Gao may have been doomed long before he was murdered by two disgraced police officers, according to new claims. 

The young university student 20, was shot dead during a drug deal that went wrong inside a storage unit in Padstow in Sydney's south west in May 2014 before his body was wrapped in tarpaulin and stored in a boat before being dumped out to sea.

His body was found floating off the coast of Cronulla in the city's south days later. 

Former NSW detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara were found guilty for Gao's murder and are serving life sentences. 

New bombshell claims have come to light that Gao was lured to his death by Chinese triad members who sanctioned his murder.

Drug dealer Jamie Gao (pictured) was shot dead by detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara in  2014

Channel Nine's Australian Crime Stories revealed Gao visited the Australian Crime Commission in lead up to his murder.

Crime journalist Mark Morri claims Chinese triad members supplied drugs to Gao to sell to Rogerson and McNamara, a theory he's discussed with and not ruled out by detectives.

'Roger's not an idiot,' Morri told the program.

'You don't just shoot a guy and steal $700,000 worth of drugs from the Chinese triads.

'I said is it possible that it was sanctioned that after Jamie Gao had been sent to Crime Commission to get him killed and that the contract payment was 'you keep the drugs?

'I've been told it's not a crazy theory.'  

Disgraced detectives Roger Rogerson (left) and Glen McNamara (right) are serving life sentences for Jamie Gao's murder

Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson dragged Gao's body out of the storage unit in a silver surfboard bag and into a vehicle at Padstow in May 2014

On the day of his murder, CCTV captures two Asian men getting out of car with Gao before he entered the storage unit with McNamara and then Rogerson.

The men leave and return five hours later to pick up Gao's car. 

Days later, the two men are again captured on CCTV at Sydney International Airport, checking in for a flight bound for Hong Kong.

'They're out of the country, to get rid of the connections,' former detective Michael Drury said.

The program also lifted the lid on discrepancies in the murder case and who really planned the operation.

Mark Morri (pictured) claims  Chinese triad members supplied drugs to Gao to sell to the crooked cops. 'I've been told it's not a crazy theory,' he said

Gao's body (pictured) was dumped at sea and found floating off the coast of Cronulla

Rogerson and McNamara both claimed innocence and blamed each other for Gao's murder.

When Gao's body was taken out to sea the morning after he was murdered, McNamara claims Rogerson was with him the whole time on the boat, threatening him with a gun. 

But Rogerson claimed he stayed on dry land.

'If Rogerson had been on the boat when the body was thrown overboard, he would have known that they would have  to have a very heavy weight to the body so that when it was thrown, it would sink immediately,' former NSW assistant police commissioner Clive Small told the program.

'Or that he had to cut the body open so there was no oxygen causing the body to float.' 

'It leads me to believe that for whatever reason, McNamara may have taken out the body by himself.'

'Roger Rogerson will tell you how you dispose of bodies, you don't just put it over the side because it will rise up.' 

'He is the darkness,' Morri said.

'I think Roger was born on the dark side.'

Inside the Padstow storage shed where Jamie Gao spent his final moments in May 2014

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