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Birds show off their playful side in hilarious snaps that will leave you in stitches

Pet owners from around the world have shared hilarious snaps of their beloved feathered friends.   

The pictures, which were shared on social media and collated by Bored Panda ,  show the birds in all kinds of funny situations, from ordering a meal at a drive through to tucking themselves into bed. 

 In one picture, a US-based photographer managed to capture a bird ready to order at a McDonald's drive-in.  

In another, an adorable pet was safely tucked in bed under a white duvet, ready for his bed time story.  

People from all over the world have shared hilarious snaps of birds, including one snap caught by a US-based photographer of a bird joining it's owner for a drive-in meal 

Animals do the funniest things! One person, whose location is unknown, managed to capture their bird as it appeared to join in their yoga session by sitting cross-legged

If it fits! A US-based petowner caught one of his birds playfully squeezing inside a glass of water, while another perched atop the rim 

Angry bird! This Sharp-shinned hawk from Canada let out a screech while having his bath and was caught on camera 

All tucked in and ready to sleep! A US-based bird lover shared this sweet snap of his pet ready to turn in for the evening 

An unlikely friendship! One British woman was perplexed when she spotted this unlikely duo on the water during her walk

A Florida resident reduced Reddit to stitches by claiming this bird looked like beloved actor Danny DeVito 

Feeling cagey? One man, believed to be from Venezuela, shared this adorable picture of a baby bird growing next to his mother

Strike a pose! One boyfriend, believed to be from the UK, was left in stitches when a bird landed on his girlfriend's head 

Mug shot! This adorable baby chick, believed to be from the US, gave a whole new meaning to the term 'hand warmer' when he hopped inside the handle 

Snap happy! This bird tried and failed to unlock his owner's phone and was caught by the device's front camera 

Birds of a feather! This duo of vultures, from Australia, left social media users in stitches after they were caught appearing to be opening their wings to compare their legs with one another

Feeling dizzy? This owl was caught on camera by a photographer from the US moving its head so fast, it looked like a drill

Disaster striking in three, two one! A bird owner, whose location is unknown, caught his pet on camera right as it was about to bite his ear 

Peek-a-boo! This little white bird from the US found the perfect hiding spot in his owner's sleeve

A bird in the hand! Social media users were impressed by this little animal's ability to stand after it's owner, whose location is unknown,  managed to capture this hilarious moment 

This US-based Egret had a Marilyn Monroe moment when a playful gust of wind ruffled its feathers by the pond 

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