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BIG change for learner drivers in Victoria - and the decision has angered many on social media

Learner drivers in Victoria can now complete their hazard perception test remotely  rather than at a customer service centre.

The change, effective from September 28, will allow drivers across the state on their L's to sit the mandatory test from home if they wish.

Budding motorists will need to respond to 25 driving scenarios within a 45 minute timeframe online, with the hazard perception test (HPT) used by Vic Roads to assess a person's skills before they can drive unsupervised with a provisional licence. 

Roads Minister Ben Carroll said the key test is used to educate drivers about the importance of road safety.

'Knowing how to identify and respond safely to hazards is a life saving driving skill that protects everyone sharing the road,' he said.

Learner drivers in Victoria can now complete their hazard perception test remotely rather than at a customer service centre (stock image)

The decision to allow hazard perception tests remotely has angered many motorists, who feel some learner drivers could cheat the system in Victoria (stock image)

In April this year, the Victorian government launched the online learner permit test for new drivers. The response has been huge, with close to 45,000 people sitting for the driving knowledge exam in recent months during lockdown. 

The flow on effect has seen the number of drivers aged between 18 to 23 involved in fatal or serious crashes almost halved.

The hazard perception test - for those going for their P's - has seen a 20 per cent decrease in the rate of fatal and serious crashes among drives aged 18 to 20, according to the Herald Sun. 

However, the recent decision to allow learner drivers to complete the hazard perception test at home has angered many online.

'This has all the hallmarks of another government inspired disaster as there is so much availability for cheating with others doing the test for them,' one person fumed. 

A second believes the controversial government initiative will result in more deaths on the roads.

'So their parents or mates can do the test for them,' he fumed. 'No wonder our road toll is excessive. Make them do advanced driving courses.'

All motorists must pass the hazard perception test in Victoria before they can drive unsupervised with a provisional licence (stock image)

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