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Ben Affleck accused GOP of trying to 'dodge consequences' by gerrymandering at Hillary Clinton event

Actor Ben Affleck waded into political waters on Tuesday night to deliver searing criticism of Republicans who he said 'want to dodge the consequences for their actions' through partisan gerrymandering. 

The Academy Award winner spoke at a virtual event alongside Hillary Clinton, Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder and fellow actor Tracee Ellis Ross to raise money for Clinton and Holder's progressive groups. 

He praised the former First Lady and Secretary of State as an 'extraordinary person' and a 'wonderful role model.'

Clinton's Onward Together PAC raises money for left-wing candidates and causes nationwide and Holder's All On The Line promotes redistricting efforts in favor of Democrats.

But on Tuesday night it was GOP redistricting that took center stage.

'It leads to hyperpartisan politics where special interests rule and party extremists are incentivized instead of common sense and finding common ground and compromise, and a lot of this we're seeing in our country today,' Affleck said of Republican gerrymandering according to The Hill.

Affleck appeared alongside Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Tracee Ellis Ross on Tuesday

Affleck also took a moment to heap praise on 2016 presidential candidate Clinton

Gerrymandering refers to the practice of changing voting district boundaries so as to give one political party an advantage after each census, and has been used by both major political parties. 

The Justice Department on Monday filed a lawsuit against Texas claiming its redistricting plan violated federal law.

Allowing a party to unfairly give themselves an electoral advantage 'leads to a sense of voters not feeling like their vote counts, and in some cases they may well be justified in that feeling,' Affleck said.

Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, blasted Republicans for using gerrymandering to gain 'unaccountable power.'

'It's time that we end partisan gerrymandering and do everything we can to return to what we thought was the principle of one person, one vote.' she said. 

The donation options include packages worth more than $1,000 and VIP meet-and-greets

'This is unaccountable power. This is power with no recourse. This is power where a small minority gets to decide whether the issues you care about will ever get a hearing, get to decide whose votes count and whose votes don't count.'

Former Obama official Holder accused Republicans of being 'comfortable with a system of a political apartheid.'

'I'm not being hyperbolic or alarmist - I think our democracy is on the line,' Holder said.

'Our opponents are at ease bending, breaking, the rules of our democracy all for the power that they seek.' 

Guests who tuned in to the Tuesday night fundraiser paid at least $25 to receive a Zoom link for the event, though its website noted 'Most people are chipping in $50.'

Pricier packages included $250 and $500 donations that came with a signed 'thank you' note from Clinton and Holder. 

Paying $2,500 got the donor a 'virtual reception' with the four speakers and handing over a whopping $5,000 meant a 'virtual meet-and-greet.'

'Every dollar you donate will support the fight to end gerrymandering and defend voting rights across the country,' the website read. 

'Your contribution will be split between these two important groups fighting for fair maps and fair elections: All On The Line (a campaign of the National Redistricting Action Fund) and Onward Together.'