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Belgian tourist bankrolled Australian dream holiday by selling vile child sex videos

A Belgian tourist who enjoyed the high-life in Australia by travelling the east coast and staying in luxury resorts was hiding a secret double life as a sick child abuse salesmen.

Bryan Loyson, 26, often posted pictures of himself on lavish holidays, including skydiving in Mission Beach and sipping wine in bath tubs in Sydney hotels. 

But his luxury life fell apart when he failed to hide his digital footprint online, with IP address data leading detectives to discover his sick business - selling pictures and videos of children for $50 a piece.

The keen diver even advertised his website on social media, using Snapchat and Instagram to show off his vile products.  

He pleaded guilty to selling child sex abuse material online, and is the first offender to have his assets restrained under an aggressive new strategy from the AFP.

Bryan Loyson (pictured), 26, often posted pictures of himself on lavish holidays, including skydiving in Mission Beach and sipping wine in bath tubs in Sydney hotels 

He pleaded guilty to selling child sex abuse material online (pictured, Loyson on holiday in Australia enjoying the view from a luxury Sydney hotel)

After being tipped-off by the United States based National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children that a man in Australia was using Snapchat to upload child abuse material, Australian authorities went into action. 

Following a digital trail left by the offender, the Australian Federal Police's Child Protection Team was able track the Belgian national and arrest him. 

'The investigation started with a clue that someone, somewhere, was trying to advertise the exploitation of children for profit,'' AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough said. 

Detectives found the man had been advertising a website selling explicit child abuse material on multiple online platforms such as Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram.  

The investigation, underway since February 2019, uncovered that the user was also the administrator of a website which sold 'packs' for $50 of multiple videos obtained online of the abuse of children from around the world. 

'Every image being shared and bought on this website was of a child being abused. Bringing these offenders from online anonymity to jail is what drives the AFP to keep children safe.' Assistant Commissioner Gough said. 

The offender had arrived in the country in November 2018 from Thailand. 

Detectives found he had been selling the 'abhorrent' material since September 2018 and using the funds to pay for his lavish round-the-world holiday. 

The Belgian national (pictured) would frequently post pictures of himself on holiday - but he was funding them by selling 'vile' abuse material 

AFP officers conduct a raid on the Belgian's room after receiving information from a United States based agency (pictured) 

The backpacker (pictured on a Thai holiday) has since been jailed but could be released on parole as early as 2023 

After spending three months traveling around Australia and paying for luxury activities such as skydiving and surfing in Queensland he was arrested in April 2019 at a Sydney backpackers. 

A search warrant was executed the same month and Loyson was charged with supplying child pornography through a carriage service, using a carriage service to access, transmit, make available, publish, distribute, advertising or promote child abuse material, and deal with the proceeds of crime worth $10,000 or more.  

On October 15, he fronted Downing Centre District Court where he plead guilty to the charges and was jailed. 

He could be released as early as 2023 after receiving a four year prison sentence with the possibility of parole after two-and-a-half years. 

His assets were also seized as part of an aggressive strategy being brought in by the Australian Federal Police to target proceeds of offenders convicted of child exploitation offences.  

The Australian Federal Police seized the man's assets (pictured) as part of their investigation 

About $30,000 worth of gear including cameras, scuba diving equipment, and a drone were seized by officers under the strategy run by Commissioner Reece Kershaw. 

An Australian bank account with $16,400 and a German account with 8,000 Euro were also also restrained by the Criminal Assets Confiscation Task Force under an order by the NSW Supreme Court in October. 

The website being run by the Belgian has since being taken offline, but not before making $19,000 U.S. in profits from selling the illegal material. 

Criminal Assets Confiscation Task Force acting national manager Stefan Jerga said the AFP was determined to disrupt predators from profiting from their abuse. 

'If a child sex predator is profiting from - or involves their property in - their criminal activity, their house, vehicle, bank accounts and other assets are at risk of being restrained and confiscated,' he said. 

Loyson (pictured), 26, was arrested in Australia in 2019 and has pleaded guilty to selling child abuse images

The man's online profiles are filled with pictures of expensive holiday activities such as scuba diving (pictured) 

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