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Beleaguered Duke puts the right foot forward (for once)

The beleaguered Duke of York is yet to return from the Queen's holiday Scottish estate to meet his new granddaughter.  

But after yet another disastrous week trying to fight the damning allegations against him, Prince Andrew was spotted putting his right foot forward (for once).

The duke, 61, who has been accused of 'hiding' in Balmoral in recent weeks, reportedly rescued a dog while attending a reception in an upper storey of a castle in the Scottish Highlands, a source told The Times.

The royal managed to rush to the aid of the small canine after it became excited at the sounds of the royal security dogs barking below and bolted towards an open window.

Moments before the dog plunged to its doom, the Duke of York rushed to the window and rescued it from peril before cradling the helpless creature in his arms.

The Duke of York, who is staying at the Queen's Balmoral estate, was spotted putting his right foot forward (for once) 

The incident comes after it was reported the duke was yet to return from Scotland to meet his new granddaughter.  

It was announced this week that his eldest daughter Princess Beatrice had become a mother for the first time, giving birth to a 6lb 2oz baby girl on Saturday.

The news, which comes only seven months after younger daughter Eugenie gave birth to her son August, has already been welcomed by Sarah, Duchess of York.

She is said to have returned from Balmoral on Friday and met her new grandchild over the weekend.

A friend of the duchess told the Mail: 'She's perfect and Sarah is absolutely smitten. She's always very proud of both girls but to have two grandchildren in a year is a total joy.'

The friend suggested that Beatrice's daughter might even have inherited her mother and grandmother's flame-coloured locks, saying: 'She's got a hint of red... and a hint of gold.' 

 Prince Andrew rescued a dog while attending a reception in an upper storey of a castle in the Scottish Highlands. (Stock image)

The duke has been attending a reception in the Scottish Highlands when the incident took place. (Stock image)

But it seems that Sarah's troubled former husband has not returned with her. 

Prince Andrew bolted back to the Queen's Scottish estate just over a week ago – days before the first hearing into a US sex assault claim brought against him by long-term accuser Virginia Roberts.       

Andrew, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, is said to be a doting grandfather to August and will undoubtedly be keen to meet his first granddaughter. But sources say they have no idea when he will return to Windsor. 

One source told The Sun: 'Andrew has made it quite clear that he wasn't leaving Balmoral. It would appear the advice to him was to stay in hiding and miss the whole thing.'

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