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Bear mother and her two cubs wrestle and play in back yard

This is the adorable moment two bear cubs wrestle in a back yard under the watchful eye of their mother.

The little balls of fluff bash into a slide and roll onto an upside-down trampoline as they battle for an imaginary trophy.

Tiring of the contest, one young bear even decides to scramble onto a nearby swing - with disastrous results. The rope snaps, sending it tumbling to the floor.

The outing in South Lake Tahoe, California, was captured by a family who had their playground invaded. They can be heard excitedly chattering on the video as they watch the bears' movements.

The two bear cubs wrestled in a family's garden in South Lake Tahoe, California. After tiring of the battle one broke a swing

The mother bear watched their battle nonchalantly from a fence before climbing down to check out the family's patio

Keeping a pane of glass between themselves and the wild guests, they kept the camera rolling as the little bears suddenly scramble up a tree.

Losing interest, one then investigates whether it can fit into a plant pot - prompting exclamations from the father - while the other hides under a table. 

As her youngsters explore, the mother nonchalantly sits on a fence observing, before climbing down to check out the family's patio.

On the video their daughter can be heard whispering: 'Why is the mama bear watching them wrestle?'

'She doesn't care - they're just playing,' the girl's mother murmurs in reply.

'You don't care if I wrestle dad?,' says the girl. 'I just can't punch him?'

It was not the first time that the bear family has been to visit. 

The young bears also scrambled onto a patio to inspect their surroundings

One is shown here sniffing around the base of a tree. Another was nearby under a table

One of the bears pictured climbing a tree. They have been identified as young black bears

The visitors have been identified as black bears, which are thought to number between 25,000 and 35,000 in the Lake Tahoe basin. 

Bear-human interactions around the lake shores have fallen this year due to the coronavirus crisis.

Campsites remained closed until June 12, meaning fewer people traveled to the area.

Park officials have called on tourists not to leave out garbage or human waste as this could attract bears. 

'Once bears gain access to human food or garbage, they will continue to seek it out,' California State Parks scientist Dan Shaw warned the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

'They become less cautious of people and may display unusually bold behaviour when trying to get to human or pet food. Bears that have become indifferent or habituated to the presence of people may cause property damage and threaten public safety.'

The bears visited the playground on June 13.

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