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BBC breakfast interview descends into CHAOS for Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover

A BBC breakfast interview descended into chaos today as Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover attempted to show an 'easy' workout with her three young children.

The sportswomen, from Marlow, appeared on the programme to showcase some the simple exercises she has been doing during the pandemic while caring for Logan, two, and twins Beau and Kit,  one.

But as she attempted to demonstrate a squat while holding Beau in her arms, the child broke down into hysterical tears, while another could be heard wailing off camera.

The chaotic interview had host Naga Munchetty in hysterics, while social media users also said the clip had left them in floods of tears. 

A BBC breakfast interview descended into chaos today as Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover, from Marlow, attempted to show an 'easy' workout with her three young children

Presenter Naga Munchetty was left in hysterics during the brief segment, which saw Helen's children wailing while she tried to demonstrate simple exercises for parents 

Introducing Helen from her home in Marlow, presenter Naga said: 'We saw you being fantastic on the water, but there is a battle that lots of parents and carers are facing  at this moment in time with trying to stay fit and not having 'pandemic bottom', stuck on your sofa vegging out if you can. 

'But with children running around as well, trying to keep fit for them, and for yourself.'

A beaming Helen said: 'That's why I was really excited to come on today. 

'I think it's definitely something I have worked through through the year and trying to find the right formula and keeping everybody active I think has been a big challenge for everybody this year.'

Shrieks and wailing could be heard while Helen demonstrated squats and crunches with her young children, Beau and Kit, one

She explained: 'I've been mixing it up.  When they sleep - if all three of them sleep at the same time - then I'll do of my own training, some rowing or lifting weights.

'A lot of the time they wake up and I train with them or we go for walks. 

'But generally, it's really about movement. It's about not putting pressure on yourself to feel like you're always training but to feel you're moving really well throughout the day.'

But as she tried to continue the interview and discuss her weightlifting equipment, one of her youngsters could be heard wailing in the background.

During the segment, Helen said she tried to train while her children slept but sometimes got them involved in the work out 

She said: 'We're really lucky, we have some weightlifting equipment in the house, which makes it easier to train when they do sleep. And the kids definitely try to get involved.'

Charlie said: 'I'm delighted to hear a bit of noise, it happens every time and it's perfectly apt. Give us the picture, who is there?'

Helen laughed as the wailing grew louder, saying: 'It's all nice and calm on this side of the camera but on that side, we've got one-year-old twins, Kit and Beau and two-and-a-half year old Logan.'

She picked up one of her children into her arms as she said she would be fitting her workout in around them, adding: 'A lot of my work out today is involving them. It's a reality of life as a parent that they're going to be around any time you're trying to do anything.'

The Olympic rowing champion praised new mothers during the pandemic and said parents had been 'amazing'

She continued: 'The best thing to come out of all of this is its about doing what you can do and not beating yourself up if you're finding it difficult.

'For any mum, a first time mum or new mum this year, you're amazing. It's so  tough and challenging, parenthood, let alone in the middle of a pandemic when you might be looking forward to handing those babies over to a friend or family member.

'When the babies were one, I suddenly realised my friends and family haven't seen them, because we haven't got to baby group, we haven't done these things. And that's hard.

'It's hard and it makes a tough job even harder every day.'

But while Helen tried to speak about the difficulties of parenthood during the pandemic, the camera began to wobble as one of her children tried to push it off its stand 

But as the Olympic rower tried to continue talking about the difficulties of parenthood, her camera wobbled and she lunged forward to grab it, exclaiming: 'Oh Kit is trying to push the camera off.'  

As she secured it back in place, she added: 'When you see all these images on social media, just remember, it's about doing what you can.' 

She began explaining that she would be performing a squat with one-year-old Beau in her arms, holding the baby under her arm pits.

But within seconds of Helen squatting down, Beau's face crumpled into a cry, while another child could also be heard wailing.

Within seconds of Helen squatting down, Beau's face crumpled into a cry, while another child could also be heard wailing (left) before her husband Steve handed her Kit for the demonstration (right) 

Naga and Charlie were left in fits of giggles as Helen handed Beau to her partner Steve off camera and picked up her second twin Kit. 

She said: 'This is Kit, he's the backup. He likes doing the exercise.'

She clambered down onto the floor to do some sit ups but while she crunched on the ground, more wails and shrieks could be heard.

Naga asked: 'Can I ask, is that Steve in the background?' 

Helen explained: 'Steve is holding the camera and two children.'

While performing a crunch for the camera with one-year-old Kit, Helen's other children could be heard shrieking in the background

Naga exclaimed: 'This is the best thing we've done all day, it's so real. But you're still smiling and still positive and you're showing us all that it goes wrong and that's fine.

She added: 'Sometimes I try to do this kind of work  out, and squats, I've got a huge list of workouts I was going to do.

'Sometimes it does end up putting music on and dancing and moving and having fun with your little ones.'  

Many viewers said they'd been left in hysterics over the hilarious segment, with one calling it a 'lovely fail'

Many of those watching were left in stiches over the clip, with one commenting: 'Ahh Helen Glover made me smile, powering through with kids in the background, super mum and super dad too!'

Another wrote: 'I had a feeling that would happen! Not many babies like being shunted up and down first thing in the morning.' 

One added: 'Smiled all the way through this!' 

A fourth commented: 'The best interview I have seen for a long time, made me smile a lot. Normal, family life. Amazing.' 

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