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BBC admits Celebrity Mastermind stars are told which sources to revise for their specialist subject

The BBC has admitted celebrities who appear on the Mastermind quiz show are given help before they sit in the famous black chair. 

Famous faces are directed to sources the quiz creators use to make the questions in the show, which is described by the Beeb as 'TV's toughest quiz'.

They are given a heads up about the websites and books questions for their specialist subject will be sourced from before they are asked by presenter John Humphyrs. 

The BBC has admitted people who appear on Celebrity Mastermind are directed as to the sources used for their specialist subject

A spokesperson for the BBC told The Sunday Express: 'We agree the core subjects for each specialist subject with the contender, to make sure they are studying the most credible and reputable information. 

'This is merely a guide that in no way indicates the content of the questions, and we always make it clear that we may use other reputable sources where necessary, so each person is encouraged to research their subject thoroughly.' 

Insiders claim, to give them the best chance of winning, the show, which boasts winners such as  politician Edwina Currie and Bake Off's Candice Brown, encourages contestants to look into the sources supplied as well as a range of 'reputable' others.

As an example, the BBC noted that in both versions of the quiz show if a chosen topic was a film the source material would be said film.

Actress Amanda Henderson appeared on the show earlier this year, where she called Greta Thunberg 'Sharon'

Insiders claim, to give them the best chance of winning, the show encourages contestants to look into the sources supplied as well as a range of 'reputable' others. Pictured: Reality star Montana Brown on the celebrity version of the show

But for topics with much further reach, the sources for the questions are narrowed down. 

Previous 2012 winner The Chase's Shaun Wallace has however refuted the claims, claiming he was never given any information and studied for hours before the show. 

Celebrity Mastermind has received backlash on social media in the past, with many people claiming the questions are easier than those given to the public. 

People often take to social media to express their belief that the questions on the celebrity version of the show are easier than the original

Kay Young tweeted: 'Celebrity Mastermind upsets me for 3 reasons, firstly I rarely know who any of the supposed celebrities are, secondly the questions are ridiculously easy compared to regular Mastermind and lastly they are mostly thick and don’t get most of the easy questions right anyway.'

Another person echoed her sentiments, stating: 'Celebrity Mastermind is easy. It's about in par with a pub quiz.'

'I saw something earlier when they described someone has having "won" Celebrity Mastermind. And all I could think was "Oh, the one with the really easy questions and three idiot opponents?"', another added.

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