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United Kingdom

Ayia Napa: Briton 'was held down as 12 Israelis took it in turns to rape her for an hour'

A British woman who claims to have been gang-raped by 12 Israeli teens in Cyprus told police that she was pinned down while they took turns to attack her 'one by one for an hour'. 

The 19-year-old alleged that some of the boys did not use condoms and that they 'hurt my whole body' during the ordeal at the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel in Ayia Napa on Wednesday morning.

She told investigators that she arrived at the room around midnight to see some of the boys that she knew before they all attacker her, only releasing her around 1am after she fainted.

She claims she escaped the room and found some friends who took her a nearby clinic while she was still half-naked.

Instagram messages have also been published revealing how one of the Israeli teens had been flirting with her for days including inviting her up to his room.

A 19-year-old British woman told police that she went to an Ayia Napa hotel room to see some Israeli boys she knew before she was gang-raped. Instagram posts reveal one of the men had been flirting beforehand (his messages in grey), and invited her to his room several times

The woman's account was published by Israel's Channel 13, based on her interviews with police investigators.

She said: 'I knew some of the boys and we did have a relationship, but when I got to the room around midnight, everyone was drunk, I remember everything was blurred.

'I do remember that until about 1:00am, the friends I did not know raped me, some of them with a condom - and some of them without. They hurt my whole body.

The woman admits to knowing one of the Israeli men (messages, pictured) but said she was attacked by the whole group for an hour after going to meet him 

'One of them held me, and then I saw at least 12 faces ... for an hour or so, one after the other. 

'I was released at a certain point after I had fainted, and I ran out of the room, met friends and they took me half naked to the clinic.'

Police were called and arrested the Israelis, before they were hauled into court on Thursday where a judge ruled they can be held in detention for eight days while officers examine DNA evidence they have provided. They all deny rape. 

Newly-published Instagram posts between the woman and one of her alleged rapists reveals how they had flirted for several days before the night in question.

In one exchange, the boy messages to say 'good morning my love' before asking the woman where she is. 'Let's hang out a bit,' he says.

In another exchange, the woman messages to say 'I think I just saw you on the balcony', to which the man responds: 'So why did you not come up to me?'  

'Haha I waved,' she responds before he says 'you should have gone up to my room.' 'Come to me in the evening,' he says several hours later.

Earlier reports suggested that the woman knew one of the alleged attackers and had slept with him several times, before the incident took place.

Three of the Israelis - all of whom are aged between 16 and 19 - admit having sex with the girl but deny rape, while another nine deny knowing her (pictured in court on Thursday)

All of the Israeli accused appeared in court Thursday covering their faces for a closed-door hearing where a judge ruled they can be held for eight days while police investigate

As they were marched into court, the men shouted to their families that the woman was lying and that they had been beaten by police

Israeli reports said that three of the teens had admitted having sex with the girl, but insisted that all encounters were 'with consent and love'.

The other nine deny having anything to do with the attack. Lawyers said that they expect these boys will be released soon and allowed back to Israel. 

Speaking through a lawyer, the boys - all aged between 16 and 18 - accused the woman of lying after she was encouraged to report them by a fellow Briton.

They said British holidaymakers at the hotel had attacked them after rumours of the assault spread, and that they were also beaten by police. 

However, Israel's Channel 12 news reports local police are in possession of a video showing at least one of the men who denied knowing the girl having sex with her.

It was earlier reported that the Israelis had filmed the attack on their phones while laughing. Police are also thought to be in possession of security camera footage. 

A judge ruled that the hearing should take place behind closed doors because some of the suspects are minors. They are all thought to be aged between 16 and 18

The teens are thought to have been in Ayia Napa as part of a group ahead of the start of national service, which is compulsory for all Israeli men aged over 18

Court documents showed that the woman had suffered scratches to her lower limbs that were the 'result of trauma', but police have yet to say what they believed happened that night.

None of the suspects have so far been charged with a crime.

The Israeli suspects said they had struck up a friendship with the British tourists ahead of the alleged attack.

They are thought to have been in the popular tourist resort ahead of their national service, which is compulsory for every Israeli man aged over 18. 

One of the Israeli group translated for the others, who are understood to speak only a limited amount of English. 

Ayia Napa is popular with younger tourists for its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife.

The alleged attack took place at the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel, a two-star resort which has amassed scores of reviews describing it as 'dangerous' on TripAdvisor 

Guests described the rooms as small, dirty and damaged, complained that staff are rude and unhelpful, and multiple reviews said that locks on the doors did not work 

Reviews of the two-star Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel posted on TripAdvisor describe a dangerous, dirty hotel with broken door locks, guests urinating on the floor, and hotel 'security guards' who threatened guests to extort money from them.

One reviewer wrote in June of this year: 'Stayed here end of June with my mates only to find that it was the worst hotel we could have stayed at. 

'My friend was asleep in her room when a boy broke into the room and tried to attack her! The staff at the hotel did nothing to help and have now even denied that the attack was ever reported! For your own safety do not stay here.'

One said that they arrived at their room to find a drunk girl urinating inside, while others described hotel 'security guards' who demanded random sums of money and assaulted guests who refused to pay up.

One review from two weeks ago is entitled 'worse than a concentration camp' while another guest said they 'would rather die than go back.'