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Australian single women reveal if they REALLY care what a man does for a living

One of the things men are judged on is based on the job he has, single women say.

A group of Australian women were asked whether they ever take into consideration what their date does for a living - and if his career really mattered to them.

Interestingly, many women admitted they would never date a police officer, a prison guard or anyone who works in the defence force.

'It's funny because I thought I didn't care but I would really struggle to get past a guy who's a cop or an army... Not my values at all,' one woman wrote in a thread posted in dating coach Louanne Ward's Facebook group, She Said He Said.

Many agreed with her, with one saying: 'I've dated a few army guys and they are a different breed. I don't think it's necessarily their fault. It's the way the army trains them to be - emotionless and detached.

'A psychologist told me that he would never date a prison guard or a cop. I think there's something to be said about that.'

While one added: 'I have dated two former prison guards. Never again.'

One of the things men are judged on is based on the job he has, singles say (stock image)

The answers were divided, with some saying they always judge a date based on his job while others insisted a man with work ethics was much more important to them than the type of career he has.

'It's not an assets test,' one woman wrote.

'I can see how men would be triggered by a woman giving consideration to their job when thinking about a relationship with them. I feel the guys think it's about judging their financial position or status.

'For most women, I know it's nothing to do with that and more to do with values, availability, compatibility, blending of lifestyles and more.'

One woman said the only thing that mattered to her was a man with a stable job. 

'He needs to be employed. As for the career option, it tells a lot more about the person as to their career path. Clearly a jewel thief is unsuitable as a potential father,' one woman wrote, laughing.

Another woman pointed out: 'Is it more about ambition and drive versus lazy and unmotivated and not have their act together? It won't just be their job, it will be their personality.' 

Interestingly, the answers were divided, with many saying they always judge a date based on his job while others insisted a man with work ethics was much more important to them than the type of career he has (stock image)

The signs someone is 'just not that into you' 

1. Spending a lot of time on their phone

2. Never making plans to meet

3. Never asking questions about you or your life

4. Avoiding introducing you to friends

5. Always saying they are busy

6. Failure to hold eye contact

7. A niggling doubt or gut feeling that something isn't quite right

Many agreed, saying ideally they want a 'career driven' man who's 'smart and motivated' and share the same values as them.

'If they aren't doing something they are passionate about or successful in, it creates a ripple effect,' one woman said.

Another said: 'I feel the traits one would be looking for is ambition and drive. One's ambition and drive determines more about potential provider than their actual job.'

One said: 'It's about finding someone similar to yourself, and have a similar life path.'

While another added: 'I do take their job into consideration as I want to meet like minded people... I'm a business owner and find I have a lot in command with other business owners... we think differently.'

Another woman who was married to a high-flying executive explained she now feels happier with another man with a 'regular job'.

'I was married for 21 years to a man who had a great well-paid executive job, had ambition - but I am now with a man who has a working class job and it's perfect. I however am ambitious for both of us and it works,' she said.

One woman was brutally honest with her answer, saying: 'Yes I judge, I'm shallow as f***', while some revealed they are attracted to a man's personality rather than what he does for work.

'I don't ever judge a guy by his job. It's what's on the inside that truly counts,' one said.