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Australian man, 58, is found alive after 18 days stranded in remote bushland

An Australian man was forced to live off wild mushrooms and water from a dam for three weeks after getting lost in the bush with his dog when their car got stuck in the mud.

Robert Weber, 58, went missing after being last seen leaving a hotel in the town of Kilkvian, Queensland, with his dog on January 6.

But he was discovered on Sunday after police had called off efforts to rescue him.

Although suffering from exposure to the elements, Mr Weber is said to be safe and well - however, the status of his dog remains unknown and it is still missing.

He had gotten into trouble when his car was stuck in the mud on a farm road. 

Robert Weber, 58, was last seen leaving the the Kilkivan Hotel Motel in Queensland on January 6 (Pictured: Mr Weber after being found)

Mr Weber was found two miles from his car (pictured) which was found on January 17

Mr Weber spent three days in his car before running out of water.

He set off on foot but became lost and remained near a dam where police said he survived by drinking dam water and eating mushrooms.

But he was found near a dam on by local MP Tony Perrett and his wife Michelle, according to local media.

Mr Perrett told ABC: 'We'd been past this dam on numerous occasions over the last week and when we saw him there it was just quite extraordinary. 

'Just this morning it was good fortune that he was there and we were able to locate him.'

Mr Perrett had decided to keep searching for the local man, despite police calling off the search.

They found him around two miles from where workmen discovered his car last week on January 17.

'He said he was trying to get to Caboolture and he got disorientated … he became lost and didn't know where he was,' the MP explained.

Mr Weber revealed that he survived off wild mushrooms and water from the dam after running out of his own supplies.  

Mr Weber was last seen leaving a hotel in Kilkvian, Queensland, eastern Australia

Mr Weber revealed that he survived off wild mushrooms and water from the dam after running out of his own supplies

During his search for shelter, Mr Weber had become disorientated in 30C heat and separated from his dog - which is still missing.

'He remained at his car with his dog for three days before running out of water,' police said in a statement.

'He left on foot and became lost and remained at a dam where he survived by sleeping on the ground, drinking dam water and eating mushrooms.

'Mr Weber was conveyed to hospital suffering exposure to the elements but was otherwise safe and well.'

Just a few days before the discovery, police had suspended the air and land search for the missing man.

'After a week of searching dense bushland, rivers, dams and steep terrain during wet conditions … the decision was made to discontinue the search for the Nerangba man, who has not been seen in that period,' Queensland Police said on Thursday.

'A search of the immediate surrounds led by police with the assistance of State Emergency Services personnel and aerial assets concluded yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.'

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