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Australian golfer Greg Norman slams Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and supports President Trump

Australian golfing legend Greg Norman has taken aim at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for his strict COVID-19 lockdown and says US President Donald Trump has done a better job managing the virus.

The 65-year-old said Trump has kept the economy open during the coronavirus while Andrews has crippled his state by shutting bars, restaurants and golf courses.

'To shut the economy down again would actually, I believe, put this country in an irretrievable reverse direction from an economic standpoint. It would absolutely devastate this country as it would with any other major Western world country,' Norman told The Australian. 

Golfing legend Greg Norman (pictured in 2019)  has taken aim at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for keeping people off of golf courses during lockdown

Norman said the decision of the Daniel Andrews (pictured) government to close the economy, specifically golf courses, was 'asinine'

'I thought the decision that the Victorian government made about golf was the most asinine decision.'

Norman said Victoria just had to look at America, where golf courses remained open, and how the sport has since thrived.

He highlighted the Andrews government's decision to encourage exercise but keeping golf courses closed. 

Golf courses across Melbourne have been closed since COVID-19 spun out of control.

Gold course such as Northcote have been temporarily used by residents as a parkland to enjoy their exercise time and stay within the radius restriction.

Locals were initially cutting holes in the fence until a local councillor stepped in and said people should be able to use the space. 

Norman, who spent 331 weeks at world number 1, has been instrumental at fostering ties between Australia and President Trump since the latter's election in 2016.

Norman, who spent 331 weeks at world number 1, has been instrumental at fostering ties between Australia and President Trump (pictured with First Lady Melania in 2018) since the latter's election in 2016

Norman revealed he still supports President Trump as he heads into the 2020 election on November 3.

He said he admire's Trump's thick skin and believes he has been the target of tall poppy syndrome when people attack his policies.

'I actually admire Donald Trump for staying his course, getting the abuse whether it's from the investigations into Russia and all that stuff, yada, yada, yada, the same old rhetoric,' he said.

He said investigations into President Trump have been a waste of taxpayer money, and wants a fairer media after divisions in the country.

Norman said, despite President Trump trailing Democratic candidate Joe Biden by eight points, the current leader could win the election. 

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