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Australian bridesmaid is branded 'selfish' and 'entitled' for complaining about the dress colours

A bridesmaid has been branded 'selfish' and 'entitled' for complaining about the dress colours she was asked to wear because it doesn't suit her style.

The Australian woman said while her bride friend was flexible with the bridal party picking out their own gowns, they needed to stick to the colour scheme to blend in with the rest of her wedding day. 

'She's letting us pick our dresses but we have to stick to certain colours. I personally hate all the colours and I would never wear them and we have to pay for it ourselves,' the anonymous bridesmaid wrote in a wedding Facebook group.

'Is it worth telling her that I don't like the colours and I don't suit them? Or do I just have to deal with it?' 

A bridesmaid has been branded 'selfish' and 'entitled' for complaining about the dress colours the bride suggested she could wear because it doesn't suit her style (stock image)

'It's not about you. The attention is supposed to be on the bride - it's not your event or moment to shine, just wear it and don't cause a fuss. Let the bride have her moment... she doesn't need to feel bad about anything,' one woman wrote.

A second said: 'Dude if she's giving you that much leeway, pick the colour you like best of the choices, shut up and wear the dress, you can sell it after if you want.'

And a third added: 'You most certainly just have to deal with it, and quit your complaining while you're at it. When did bridesmaids become so entitled?'

Most people sided with the 'generous' bride for allowing her bridal party to choose from a range of colours and styles - while others urged the bridesmaid to 'step down' if she can't set aside her problem for one day.

'Deal with it, it's her colour scheme for her day, and has probably ordered and paid for a bunch of other stuff in those colours,' one wrote.

'Do you expect her to change all that and lose money because you don't like the colour of her wedding? If you really can't deal with the colour, step down from being a bridesmaid.'

A second said: 'Pay for a dress that you can afford, but stop being ridiculous. It isn't your day. It's her day. If the shoe was on the other foot, what would be your real expectation. If it's an issue, don't be a bridesmaid.'

A third added: 'If you can't support your friend's wishes on her special day with colour choices and designs, maybe you need to let her know, then step aside and allow someone who will.'

Another woman said the bridesmaid 'can't exactly go against the theme' of the bride's wedding but she could 'pick the most flattering colour and style'.

'It's a bridesmaid's duty to pay for the dress unless otherwise stated. You have that choice or go as a wedding guest,' she added.

Meanwhile, others revealed they would go to extreme lengths just to make their bride friend happy on their wedding day.

'If my friend told me to wear a garbage bag for her wedding. I would do it,' one wrote, while another added: 'I would wear anything my friends put me in.'

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