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Australian bride-to-be asks what the cut off age for kids invited to wedding should be

A bride-to-be who's planning an 'adults only' wedding has sparked a debate on social media after asking what the cut off age for kids invited to the big day should be.

The Australian woman shared her 'dilemma' on Facebook where she posed the question: 'What age is old enough to say to a guest that their child cannot come?'

Her post prompted a discussion, with many brides sharing the 'appropriate' age groups that were banned at their own wedding.

A bride-to-be who's planning an 'adults only' wedding has sparked a debate on social media after asking what the cut off age for kids invited to the big day should be (stock image)

'Mine was no kids under 12, with the exception of the family of our flower girl/ring bearer as well as any nursing babies,' one bride wrote. 

'We wrote the exact names of the people who could come on each invitation and had no plus ones or extras. So if it had the kids names on it they could come and if not then no.'

Another bride said kids under the age of 10 were not allowed to attend her big day.

'Our RSVP cards say children 10 and over are welcome. We both have family members that we don't want to exclude and figured at 10, they are old enough to entertain themselves and still allow the adults to have a good time,' she explained.

One bride said she jokingly called her wedding 'PG 13' so 13 was her cut off age while many revealed kids under the age of 16 were prohibited from the event.

Those who are planning an adults only wedding said their guests have been supportive of their decision after they respectfully requested no kids at reception.

'My wedding is adults only and everyone has been really understanding of this. All the parents are actually excited to have an event without having to look after their children,' one bride wrote.

'I think it's all in the delivery - if you're not rude about it then they can't really argue.'

Some brides said while they had a child-free wedding, they made an exception for newborn babies due to breastfeeding requirements.

'It was a riot and absolutely fabulous. Why not run around? They don't know anything different and it makes it fun,' she explained.

While another bride insisted: 'If your child is not on the invitation, they are not invited.'

One woman shared her advice about inviting kids, saying: 'At the end of the day, if you want adults only, that's totally okay! And if someone can't come because they can't/don't want to leave their children behind then that's totally up to the parents.

'You've just gotta be okay with some not being able to make it.'

Meanwhile, other brides said if the invitation says 'adults only', then the cut off age is simply under 18.

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