United Kingdom

Australia's east coast is put on cyclone watch as extreme weather system intensifies


MONDAY: Min 20. Max 31. Mostly sunny.

TUESDAY: Min 19. Max 25. Possible shower.

WEDNESDAY: Min 17. Max 23. Shower or two.

THURSDAY:  Min 17. Max 25. Partly cloudy

FRIDAY: Min 16. Max 25. Partly cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 23. Max 32. Partly cloudy.

TUESDAY: Min 23. Max 34. Possible shower.

WEDNESDAY: Min 23. Max 29. Shower or two. 

THURSDAY: Min 21. Max 28. Possible shower.

FRIDAY: Min 19. Max 28. Partly cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 14. Max 26. Partly cloudy.

TUESDAY: Min 13. Max 24. Partly cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 12. Max 25. Mostly sunny.

THURSDAY: Min 12. Max 26. Sunny.

FRIDAY:  Min 15. Max 29. Partly cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 13. Max 31. Sunny.

TUESDAY: Min 13. Max 25. Partly cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 10. Max 24. Partly cloudy. 

THURSDAY: Min 9. Max 27. Sunny

FRIDAY: Min 11. Max 27. Partly sunny.


MONDAY: Min 15. Max 21. Partly cloudy.

TUESDAY: Min 12. Max 17. Cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 12. Max 18. Partly cloudy.

THURSDAY: Min 12. Max 20. Cloudy.

FRIDAY: Min 15. Max 20. Cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 17. Max 28. Partly cloudy.

TUESDAY: Min 17. Max 27. Partly cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 19. Max 27. Partly cloudy. 

THURSDAY: Min 20. Max 28. Possible storms.

FRIDAY: Min 19. Max 27. Cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 14. Max 22. Showers easing.

TUESDAY: Min 9. Max 16. Windy. Cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 9. Max 19. Cloudy.

THURSDAY: Min 13. Max 21. Cloudy.

FRIDAY:  Min 11. Max 18. Partly cloudy.


MONDAY: Min 25. Max 33. Partly cloudy.

TUESDAY: Min 25. Max 32. Partly cloudy.

WEDNESDAY: Min 25. Max 32. Partly cloudy. 

THURSDAY: Min 26. Max 33. Partly cloudy.

FRIDAY:  Min 26. Max 33. Partly cloudy.

Football news:

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Alexander Ceferin: Perez needs a UEFA president who will obey and allow you to do anything
Benzema caught up with Ronaldo and Raul on assists for Real Madrid (116 each). This is the best result in 25 years
Pep Guardiola: Winning the Premier League is the most important thing
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