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Australia issues 'do not travel' warning for the US as riots erupt over death of George Floyd

Australians have been warned not to travel to the Unites States, where violence continues to escalate over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Riots, looting and arson have erupted across the US in recent days, which has resulted in the mass deployment of police and National Guard troops, with curfews enforced in many major cities.

The Federal Government declared a red 'Do Not Travel' warning on Monday, and urged those already in the US avoid protests and demonstrations.

Australians have been urged to steer clear on the US on the SmartTraveller website

Curfews have been enforced in cities such as Los Angeles (pictured) as violence escalates

'Widespread protests have occurred across the country since 27 May 2020, some of which have turned violent,' the government's SmartTraveller website states. 

'In response, curfews are in place in a number of cities and the National Guard has been called out in some states.'

'Further protests are expected and there is an ongoing potential for violence.' 

For Australians already in the US, SmartTraveller advises to avoid large gatherings, including mass demonstrations and protests.

'Monitor the media for information on latest developments and follow the instructions of local authorities, including by obeying all curfews,' the advice states. 

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis on Sunday for a fifth consecutive day over the death of local George Floyd

The violence has continued for a fifth consecutive day over the death of Mr Floyd, 46, who died during an arrest last Monday after a white cop pressed his knee against his neck for eight minutes while face down on the ground.

Officer Derek Chauvin was later charged with third-degree murder.

The advice is in addition to the current ban on overseas travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

'If you wish to leave the US due to COVID-19, do so as soon as possible by commercial means, SmartTraveller advises.

'Limited flights to Australia are available from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

'If you're staying in the US, follow the advice of local authorities and minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19.'

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