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Australia is ranked below Indonesia, India and Covid-riddled Brazil for its vaccine rate

Australia is trailing behind a number of coronavirus-riddled nations thanks to its botched vaccine rollout.

The nation is in second-last place out of all the countries analysed and sits on par with Botswana and below even Ecuador, according to a ranking by the Our World in Data website.

Australia also ranks 76th out of 156 countries on a scale by the Financial Times, which places it below nations such as India - which recorded 168,000 new cases in  on Monday - Indonesia and Covid-hit Brazil. 

Only 4.5 people for every 100 have been jabbed in Australia, which pales in comparison to nations such as Israel which has given 100 per cent of its population at least one dose. 

Pictured: Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets CSL staff working on the COVID vaccine while he tours the company's facility in Melbourne, March 26

Pictured: Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Dr John Gerrard look on as registered nurse Zoe Park receives her second COVID-19 vaccine at Gold Coast University 

Rwanda, which is still recovering from genocide at the hands of extremists in the 1990s, only just trails behind Australia with a vaccination rate of 2.8 people per 100. 

Australia sits in a group with countries including Bangladesh, Bolivia and Palestinian territories, with nations such as Cambodia, Mauritius, Colombia, Nepal, Jordan and Guyana.

The troubling figures are in direct contrast to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's pledge in November to put Australia at 'the front of the queue' for the Covid-19 vaccine and get the majority of residents jabbed by the end of the year.  

On Sunday, Mr Morrison dumped the target due to 'uncertainties' surrounding vaccine imports.

A table by Our World in Data which places Australia below a number of nations in the vaccine rollout 

Pictured: Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits the CSL vaccine manufacturing facility on February 12, 2021 in Melbourne

He has not committed to a new timetable on when Australians will be immunised.

'The Government has also not set, nor has any plans to set any new targets for completing first doses,' he said.

'We will just get on with the job of working together to produce, distribute and administer the vaccines as safely and efficiently as possible,' he said. 

'At the end of this past week, it's also important to note that more than 142,000 doses have been administered to our aged care residents, in more than 1,000 facilities, with over 46,000 of these now being second doses in over 500 facilities.' 

Pictured: A woman wearing Javanese traditional costume in a vehicle receives a dose of the vaccine

He also quoted a series of nations that are moving slower than Australia in terms of vaccine rollout, including Canada, Germany and Japan, but failed to mention the nation's relatively low ranking. 

The vaccine rollout has been hindered by the medical advice over the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is believed to increase a patient's likelihood of developing blood clots.

Some experts say the risk of getting a blood clot for people below the age of 50 is greater than the risk of dying from Covid. 

Australia has just passed the one million mark in terms of vaccinations, well short of the four million Mr Morrison originally promised by the end of March. 

On Friday, 88,500 new vaccine doses were administered, bringing the total number inoculated to 1.16million. 

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