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Aussies at home turn to Airtasker to get best bang for buck with Aldi bargains amid coronavirus

Aldi has long resisted calls to set up a delivery service in Australia despite widespread demand.

But this hasn't stopped bargain-hungry Aussies, who have found a way to secure the best deals at the discount supermarket without leaving their homes.

Families are requesting deliveries on Airtasker so they can cash in on the best deals without facing the crowds. 

Often there are queues around the block for Aldi's 'Special Buys' on Wednesdays and Saturdays when a wide range of coveted items are on offer. 

Budget-conscious Australians are requesting Airtasker deliverers to face the brunt of supermarket crowds to cash-in on the best deals at Aldi. Pictured: An Airtasker request

Aldi's 'Special Buys' (pictured) offer on Wednesdays and Saturdays retails electronics, clothing, food and furniture at a fraction of the price to larger competitors

These include deals on electronic goods, clothing, food and furniture at a fraction of the price of larger competitors.  

Some of Aldi's most popular Special Buys promotions have included the supermarket's answer to the NutriBullet, the Kuchef Rocket Blender, which cost just $34.99 compared to $168 for the original. 

Earlier this year shoppers flocked to Aldi at the height of the pandemic to  get their hands on an Aldi air fryer which cost just $99. More expensive alternatives can cost more than $500.  

Airtasker is an app that allows people to outsource everyday tasks.

Users can hire handymen, cleaners or other people willing to do a specific task for a fraction of the price of other professionals.

Aldi's 'Special Buys' offers deals on a range of items from electronic goods, clothing, food and furniture - at a fraction of the price of larger competitors

Dozens of people are seen queuing to get into Aldi (pictured) at North Rocks, NSW, hoping to get their hands on some 'Special Buys'

They can also earn money by bidding on advertised jobs and negotiating their delivery or service fee.

According to Choice, the average price of an Aldi shop is around $102.50 compared to $170.54 at Coles and $168.74 at Woolworths.

This means that even with a delivery fee, Aldi is still much cheaper especially if customers are purchasing Special Buys.

Dozens of savvy shoppers have already posted adverts for Aldi deliveries, offering anything from $10 to $50 for someone to do a shop and bring it to their door.

Hiring a person on Airtasker helps bargain-hungry Australians beat the rush, lines and queues to get the best deals in Aldi's 'Special Buys' every Wednesday and Saturday. Pictured: A group of about 20 early-bird shoppers outside Aldi in Ashfield, in Sydney's inner-west

According to Airtaskers' website, the average cost of Aldi grocery shopper is between $25 and $60 - excluding delivery fees. Pictured: An Airtasker request

Airtasker had an increase of 58 per cent at the height of the pandemic toward the end of March, and then 36 per cent in mid-July. Pictured: An Airtasker request

Caroline Desforges, 26, who completed an Aldi shop request last week, said she decided to become an Airtasker deliverer when her hours in administration reduced due to the pandemic.

She lives in Carnegie, Victoria, and was able to help an older woman with a disabled child by doing and delivering their weekly grocery shop. 

'She did not want to go to the supermarket because there were too many people and she did not want to risk getting sick,' Ms Desforges said.

'She wanted me to go to Aldi because her disabled child really likes a particular product so I was more than happy to help. 

'I paid for it upfront and brought her the receipt so she knew exactly what she was paying for, and then reimbursed me and paid $15 for delivery on top.' 

Caroline Desforges (pictured), 26, who completed an Aldi shop request last week, said she decided to become an Airtasker when her hours in administration reduced due to the pandemic

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