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Aussie Uber Eats delivery driver filmed getting stuck in concrete driveway freshly laid by tradies

Tradies have teed off at an Uber Eats delivery rider who undid their hard work by riding over a new concrete driveway laid moments before. 

The red-faced deliveryman drove up the driveway to hand over an order at the house but didn't get far before his scooter got bogged in the wet concrete.

The mishap didn't go down well with one of workers, who was furious the job would have to be redone.

A food delivery rider ended up bogged in wet concrete after riding over a freshly laid driveway

'What the f**k are you doing bro?' the angry tradesman can be heard in the background.

'F**king Uber c**t. Why don't you turn around you dumb c**t!'

Other tradesmen laughed in the background at the rider's misfortune.

Footage of the aftermath was posted on Instagram, where a tradesman can be seen helping the delivery driver try to drag the bogged scooter out of the wet concrete.

The delivery rider gets stuck in the wet concrete before a helpful tradie comes to his aid

Hundreds of viewers jumped to the defence of the delivery rider and believed the mishap could have been avoided by the tradies if they had made the work site more safe.

'Muppet construction workers have no signage or traffic cones to block the area off,' one wrote.

Another added: 'Unnecessary! He obviously didn't know. All you idiots standing around should have told him.'

Others slammed the tradesmen for making fun of the delivery rider. 

'Sad reality these days, instead of helping the poor guy, everyone is on their phone making a joke out of him,' one commented. 

Online viewers jumped to the defence of the food delivery rider as there was no warnings or signage of hazard