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Aussie tries to track down mystery American bird-watcher whose detailed guide book was abandoned

A kindhearted woman is trying to track down an American birdwatcher who lost their guide book on native birds.

The book, The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, was found by an Australian woman, Renee, on a dirt track in South Australia at the foothills of Flinders Range.

However, a key clue to the owner’s whereabouts was the American phone number written under the book keeper’s name - Christine Smith.

'The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds' book (pictured) was found in the foothills of Flinders Range, South Australia

After doing her own research, Renee posted on Twitter on Sunday asking for help to track the owner down.

'Twitter do your magic, does anyone happen to know a bird watcher from the US called Christine Smith?', her caption read.

Included in the post were snippets from the incredibly detailed guide to Australian birds which had dates from last year annotated throughout.

Viewers have since come together to help locate the American woman.

Included in the book were the key details of a woman's name, Christine Smith and an American phone number (pictured)

'Supposedly, 818 covers the greater San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County in Southern California,' one viewer commented.

'Just Googled the number. It’s an old number (here in 96). If you look, you should be able to find her number in San Francisco now. 415 area code,' a second added.

'Put a 1 in front for US and maybe her family might answer and put you in touch with him,' a third suggested.

Renee has tried calling the number but found it was disconnected.

The Australia woman who found it by the name of Renee took to Twitter (pictured) to help locate the owner

Others on Twitter have applauded Renee's devotion to find the owner.

'Awesome if you to do this!', commented one person.

Renee has since contacted the US bird society and found the woman may no longer own the book.

'That phone number is disconnected, it's unlikely to be owned by the original owner as Christine is now over 90 years of age, (US bird society were contacted),' Renee wrote.

'The current owner is travelling in remote Australia based on other recent dates noted within the book.'

Renee has since contacted the original owner but the current keeper is still yet to be found.

Renee has since contacted the original owner and has found that she is probably in her 90's. Pictured: the detailed pages of the bird guide book

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