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Aussie tennis star Ellen Perez mocks Australian Open hotel quarantine whingers in a hilarious video 

An Australian tennis star confined to hotel quarantine has hit back at fellow players whingeing about the conditions by poking fun at their complaints in a hilarious video.

Around 72 players in Melbourne for next month's Australian Open grand slam are unable to practice or leave their hotel rooms for 14 days after they arrived on one of three chartered flights with an infected case of coronavirus on board.    

Australian world ranked 47 doubles player Ellen Perez, 25, is also holed up in hotel quarantine for the next fortnight after touching down in Melbourne from a last minute flight on Wednesday.

She was left stranded in the Middle East last weekend after she reported having a runny nose before boarding one of the charter flights but has since tested negative.

As a host of players and their partners in hard lockdown lashed out on social media complaining about everything from the food and lack of fresh air to the inability to practice and having to wash their own hair, Perez has taken it all in her stride.

Ellen Perez (pictured) is entertaining herself and tennis fans while in hotel quarantine by poking fun at fellow players unhappy about being confined to their hotel rooms

The Aussie star joked she was 'confused as to why there's no paparazzi' outside her hotel room, perhaps a reference to Novak Djokovic's topless displays (pictured in Adelaide on Wednesday)

'I'll try to come up with some entertaining stuff but please post suggestions of things I should do or what you want to see,' Perez tweeted to fans.

Within hours, Perez's sense of humour already had fans in stitches with a series of videos mocking some of the prolific quarantine whingers, including men's world number one Novak Djokovic, women's world 28 Yulia Putintseva and Bernard Tomic's girlfriend Vanessa Sierra.

'Hey guys, it's been a massive first day of quarantine for me,' she starts one video.

'My body is just aching and there is no better way to recover than a recovery swim.'

Perez gets into the bathtub fully-clothed and begins doing freestyle strokes as she pokes fun at Putintseva's complaints about the lack of fresh air and Ms Sierra forced to wash her own hair.

'Guys, it is just so hard to breathe in here. There's no air. I can't live like this. I can't do this. And, look at my hair. I'm going to have to wash it on my own now. What a disaster this is.'

Sierra, an OnlyFans star, has been slammed for moaning about having to wash her own hair. 

Womens' world 28 Yulia Putintseva (pictured) is among slew of tennis stars who have slammed Australian Open officials and the Victorian government over their 14-day quarantine

Ellen Perez (pictured) has won over many tennis fans with her light-hearted perspective of hotel room confinement

In more videos posted to her Instagram stories, Perez has another crack at Putintseva by making a toy mouse out of paper and taking 'Mickey' for a walk in her room on a piece of string after the Kazakhstan star discovered several mice in her room.

Another video shows the massive stash of sugar sachets received after requesting  reception for some as she makes fun of men's world number one Djokovic and his list of demands for players in quarantine. 

'Umm, I'm a bit confused as to why there's no paparazzi out here,' she says in another video showing off her view of a car park from her room.

'You guys have the perfect view at me. I've even put lip gloss on right now.' 

Djokovic has been spotted on his balcony topless on numerous occasions.  

Perez's fresh perspective on hotel quarantine has won over many online fans.

'Love your humour! You're a star,' one fan commented. 

Another added:  'You seems to be in the race for a top contender of 'Outside the box - Quarantine edition'.

Perez replied that she was leading the out of the box quarantine edition as she was only one in the competition.

Former Love Island star Vanessa Sierra (pictured in hotel quarantine), the girlfriend of Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic has also complained about conditions

One fan asked Perez if she could do swimming laps in the bathtub.

'I could probably prepare for Tokyo Olympics in there but it’s just so hard with no air under the water,' Perez quipped.

Perez will team up to play doubles with fellow Australian Daria Gavrilova at the Australian Open, which begins February 8.

It comes after Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley has returned a scathing serve at stars complaining about hotel quarantine and insists they were aware of the risks before they arrived.

'This was always going to be the risk,' he told Sunrise on Wednesday.

'Every player coming to Australia was aware that there was always going to be a risk that either if they tested positive, were in a cohort or were on a plane and were determined to be a close contact, then they would have to remain in a hard lockdown until, like every Australian coming home, they had completed their 14 days.

'There was never a guarantee provided that everyone on the plane would not be considered a close contact.'

Ellen Perez, pictured with partner and fellow Australian tennis player Jeremy Bourgeois (left) will play in her second Australian Open grand slam next month

He pleaded for players' complaints to be handled internally rather than be aired out in public. 

'If you've got a complaint come to me, blame me, don't go out on social media and take it out on our staff, take it out on the Melbourne community,' Tiley told Sky News.

'If you want to have a crack, at least come to me.' 

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