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Armed police smash down door of £370,000 London home to arrest 'gunman'

A suspected gunman was arrested by police today and his 94-year-old grandmother led from his home after police ended a 24-hour siege in West London.

Dramatic video showed armed officers smashing down the door of a £370,000 terraced home in Southall where he had been refusing to give himself up since yesterday afternoon.

It came after they were called to the scene amid concerns for the welfare of a man inside.

It was 24 hours later before he was brought out and arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm and taken into custody.

A neighbour opposite told MailOnline: ‘We’ve heard the alarm was raised after a visit to the house by social workers yesterday.

‘All of a sudden there were armed police everywhere.

‘It went on and on and we had police yelling at us to stay indoors.

‘From our house we could see him talking to a police negotiator outside.

‘He was saying, “My gran is fine, she’s fine.”

‘Later he started saying how much he wanted a coffee and he wanted to go out to pick up a few things.

‘At one point he came outside and started watering plants while there were all these officers pointing their rifles at him. 

Armed police were still at the West London address as the siege continued today

Officers cordoned off the street after reports a man may have a gun inside a house

Police set up a unit at one end of the closed street as the siege neared 24 hours in duration

‘It was quite surreal how calm he seemed despite being surrounded by dozens of officers.

‘Even when they were kicking his door in he was still chatting away to the negotiator from his window.

‘Eventually they got in and went up and got him and led him out in cuffs.

‘The family has been at that address more than 30 years.

‘Nothing like this has happened before but I think the guy might have mental health problems.

‘Everyone hopes his gran is okay.’  

Terror police armed with G36C variant of the Heckler & Koch weapons at the scene

Officers were decked out in body armour as the situation neared a full day of attendance

One video of the scene in Southall last showed laser sights on the property and negotiators shouting at the house.

They could be heard saying 'Come back to the window. 'Come back to the window now so we can talk to you.

'We can end this now and sort it out and stop making all this noise.

'Put the phone back on the hook so we can speak to you.'

The footage, shared online, mentions the names of a man and woman believed to be inside the house.

Officers were called after reports a man with a gun was inside the property. 

An employee at a local restaurant on The Broadway told MyLondon: "I’m working so couldn’t go see but saw some armed police go past the shop."

Another told us: "I've heard someone took out a gun. I don't know if anyone's been shot. That’s why police are there.

"There are more than 50-60 police. They are carrying guns."   

Other footage showed stunned neighbours coming outside of adjoining homes only to spot the armed officers who screamed at them to get inside.

Chief Superintendent Peter Gardner, West Area BCU Commander, said: “We would like to thank residents for their patience and co-operation while we resolved this matter.

"We would also like to thank the local authority and specialist firearms officers for their assistance in peacefully resolving this incident."

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