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Apprentice star Lottie Lion, 21, reveals three men sexually assaulted her on train

Apprentice star Lottie Lion has revealed how she was sexually assaulted by a man on a train while two of his friends filmed it.

The 21-year-old was standing on a platform before travelling from Reading, Berkshire to Bristol Temple Meads station when she was attacked by the men as she talked to a friend on the phone. 

She said that one of the men pulled down her top and took a photo of her chest. 

Lottie - who appeared on the Lord Sugar BBC show in 2019 - got on her train as she tried to escape the men but says they followed her before one sexually assaulted her while the other two recorded it on a mobile phone.

She said the 'horrendous' attack could have been because her attackers recognised her from her time on the Apprentice. 

Apprentice star Lottie Lion has revealed how she was sexually assaulted by three men on a train

She explained how British Transport Police officers arrested the men before driving her home

She said: 'I was waiting on the platform for this train on the phone to my friend.

'As I was on the phone to my friend, a group of men approached me.

'One of them pulled my top down and took a photo.'

Lottie - who was a librarian when she went on Apprentice - added: 'They ran off and I was in such shock as my train literally pulled up then and there.

'I didn't want to be on the platform any more so iIjust got straight onto the train.

'I went and sat in a busy carriage because that's what you are always told to do, go and be near people. And i just sat there trying not to panic for about 10 minutes.'

But she continued: 'When I looked up and saw the carriage doors open these three men were walking into my carriage while looking directly at me.

'And it didn't look like they had good intentions.

'Despite the fact that the carriage was quite busy, one of these men ended up sexually assaulting me while the other two filmed it.

'I don't know if it was fueled because they recognised me from being in the public eye but it was pretty horrendous.

'There was quite a bit of commotion on the train and so a conductor came immediately.

'A passerby explained the situation and I was immediately taken to the first class carriage. I was given space completely to myself.'

Lottie praised British Transport Police for their support after the attack on March 24 and urged other women to contact them if they are assaulted while travelling.

'I was told by the conductor to text 61016 which I did,' she added 'Which is the British Transport Police's number.

Lottie later reposted this photo from British Transport Police as she thanked officers for their assistance

'I was immediately given a phone call and these people stated on the phone to me for the remainder of my journey.

'At the very next station the police were waiting and they came onboard and arrested all three of the men.

'And drove me all the way back to my flat so I didn't have to be alone at any point.

'They dealt with my situation so well and made me feel so safe.'

Lottie posted a video of her talking about her ordeal on TikTok.

The British Transport Police has been contacted for comment.