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Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk LIVE: Fight updates, ring walk time and how to watch

Eddie Hearn: The better man won tonight

I spoke to him, obviously it was tough fight, gruelling fight, he's not quite talking the way you'd expect at the moment. Wants to train straight away, they are looking at the eye socket. A devastating defeat, congrats to Oleksandr Usyk the better fighter won.

That was always really the danger, trying to be too technical, not using your attributes. Uysk is very fit, he's got great feet it's all the things you worry about against a fighter like Usyk. He was more aggressive then anticipated. He was really good tonight and he goes down in history.

No complaints from AJ, he will come again. We have been here before, that was different. He was beaten by a better man on the night. 

The fighter in AJ is saying 'I will win the rematch'. I had it reasonably close in the eighth round but then Usyk ran away with it. Usyk was the deserved winner and he's got to make changes for the rematch. 

That for me was an average performance from Anthony Joshua, he can do so much better than that fight. But he is facing a pound-for-pound great, he is consistently facing the best. That's what fighters should do but tonight he came off second best. 

Usyk: The fight went exactly as expected

The fight went exactly the way i expected it to go. There were a couple of moments when Anthony pushed me hard, but nothing special.

I had no objective to knock him out because my trainers pushed me not to do that. At the beginning I hit him hard and tried to knock him out but my trainers said to stop and just do my job.

The only thing I wanted to do with this fight was to five praise to my Lord, Jesus Christ and say all comes from him.

Today, 12 years ago, my wife said to me yes, today I am double happy. 

I have been working so hard since January in preparation for this fight, it took me half a year and I didn't see my family for so long. I miss my family, I want to go home and I am not thinking about the rematch at the moment.

You didn't see the best Usyk, I can be much better.

Usyk was speaking to Sky Sports.


Usyk's dominance in the ring is confirmed on the scorecards.  The fight is awarded 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 in Usyk's favour and Joshua's second heavyweight reign comes to an end!

Joshua can have no complaints about the outcome as he makes his way back to his dressing room. Usyk put in a masterful performance and silenced the hostile Tottenham crowd.

Jeff Powell: Final round goes to Usyk

Scoring opinions are mixed at ringside but Joshua must be worried he needs a knock out but he’s still being outboxed  and is nearly KOd by a huge two fisted finish by Usyk 9-10

Joshua 112-118 Usyk


Usyk has three minutes to ride this out before taking AJ's belts back to Ukraine. 

The challenger's conditioning has been phenomenal and he continues to move from side to side, weaving in and out and now he's landed a fantastic left hand with beautiful precision.

Usyk is stalking his prey, despite the size difference, and AJ looks completely out of ideas. 

Usyk is throwing everything at it now and has AJ in serious trouble! The bell saves the champion but there can be no denying, Oleksandr Usyk is moments away from being officially named the heavyweight champion of the world.

Jeff Powell: Usyk too clever

Usyk ups the pace again. Joshua trying to make it a s lugging match but Usky too quick and clever. 9-10

AJ 103-108 Usyk


Usyk fancies this now and he's starting to plant his feet as he throws. The duration of this fight has been a technical chess match but this could develop into a firefight.

Joshua lands a crisp right hand but Usyk is still bouncing in front of the champion. Usyk ducks a right hand and throws a flurry of punches at AJ who is forced to clinch. 

Joshua comes back with a right hand, the pace remains frenetic and both fighters are showing no signs of tiring. Joshua has one round to save his belts - and a fight with Tyson Fury.

Jeff Powell: Round 10 to Usyk

Joshua showing damage around the right eye from so many left hooks. So he goes for it – just as Usyk targets the eye.  9-10

Joshua 94-98 Usyk


Joshua has three rounds to claw victory from the jaws of defeat here.

Joshua needs to throw the kitchen sink at it but he's struggling to put anything together.

AJ has inflicted a cut that has opened up above Usyk's right eye and that will surely put a spring in Joshua's step. Joshua also has bad swelling by his right eye as the round comes to a close.

Jeff Powell: All even in the ninth

Back in the Usyk routine to begin with. Then Joshua unloads only to shaken by a left at the bell.10-10

Joshua 85-Usyk 88


AJ needs to put his foot down but he still can't put a combination together to cause Usyk problems, whose movement is still proving all too elusive.

Despite the heavy body shots from the eighth round, Usyk is still setting the tempo and lands a decent left hand to end the round. 

Jeff Powell: Better from AJ

Better round for Joshua as he goes to the body.  Maybe enough. 10-9

AJ 75-78 Usyk


Usyk blocks a looping right hand with his glove but he can do nothing to keep out a strong body shot. He's appeared trigger shy throughout this contest but really needs to let his hands go now.

The Ukrainian springs forward but misses with a big hook, and AJ digs another shot into his rival's body. Another body shot connects and Usyk can be seen breathing heavier at the sound of the bell.

Jeff Powell: Round 7 to Usyk

Usyk responds with utter brilliance, bringing the left more into play. The heaviest of all sends Joshua staggering back against the ropes. 9-10 

AJ 65-69 Usyk


Usyk looks to put that sixth round behind him and comes racing out for the seventh round as we enter the second half of this heavyweight title fight. 

AJ and Usyk exchange strong right and left hands respectively before Joshua lets rip with a strong left hook to the body.

Joshua has Usyk backed up but he springs off the ropes with a nice left hook up top and follows up with a strong jab.

Now Usyk lands a big left hand that causes AJ to stumble backwards! He regains his composure and still has strong legs but Usyk continues with another left before darting out of range.

The Ukrainian is picking his shots with surgical precision.

Jeff Powell: AJ takes Round 6

At last Joshua finds the range with three solid rights, with Usyk a little less busy. 10-9


AJ wings a right hook that catches the glove of Usyk who lands a strong jab. Lots of feinting from both men before Usyk connects with a left but he's on the retreat as Joshua stalks his target with his foot movement.

Joshua catches Usyk with a nice left hook and follows up with a superb straight right hand and the Tottenham crowd erupt in support of the Brit. 

Jeff Powell: AJ still being outboxed

There were roars of desperation when Joshua landed a couple of the heavier blows but he was still being outboxed by the lightning Ukrainian. 9-10


Usyk still has plenty of bounce as he comes out for the fifth, continuing to bob and weave in front of the heavyweight champion. 

A wild right hand misses Usyk who comes back with a body shot into Joshua's midriff. AH tries to get a little bit rough in the clinch but Usyk smiles at his rival.

Much better from Joshua, who lands two clean right hands but Usyk still looks unfazed, fighting fire with fire with a big left hand that just grazes the top of the head but that was far more positive from the champion. 

Jeff Powell: Usyk takes the fourth

The crowd try to rouse their AJ in the minute off. Joshua’s left jab nicks Usyk below the right eye but he has yet to solve the puzzle and must start doing so soon. 9-10


Concerning signs for Joshua as he comes out for the fourth round, he stumbles backwards to the ropes but that is caused by a trip, not a shot from Usyk.

AJ continues to paw out the jab and follows up with a right hand that grazes Usyk's head. Joshua aims for the body and dodges Usyk's counter left.

'Build on it AJ!' McCracken calls from ringside as he lands a straight right. That's more promising as the bell sounds. 

Jeff Powell: Round 3 to Usyk

Usyk gets off with a sharp combination. AJ having trouble finding the feinting, weaving target and is rocked by a wicked left hand, which he acknowledges as the bell goes. 9-10


Rob McCracken instructs AJ to apply 'smart pressure' on Usyk and it is clear to see Joshua is trying to get a read on the Ukrainian.

Joshua throws a light right hand but Usyk comes back with a stiff jab and a clean left hand. Once again, he is in and out and then mixes it up with a left hand to the body. 

Usyk lands another body shot and slips AJ's counter right hand. Joshua is looking slightly trigger shy as he looks to solve the Usyk puzzle, and now the Ukrainian connects with a big left hand that looks to daze Joshua! 

AJ comes back with a right hand that gets the crowd off their feet in a confidence booster, but it's another strong round for Usyk. 

Jeff Powell: Round 2 to Usyk

Nip and tuck again. Joshua being made to think before punching less frequently. Usyk out of range at times nut busier.  9-10


Usyk has settled in already and looks completely at ease here, pawing at AJ with quick hands. 

A good left hand from Usyk lands once more and he bounces out of danger. His understanding of angles is so impressive. 

Jeff Powell: Nothing in it after first round

The first was a voyage of discovery for both. Usyk began weaving a web with his southpaw right jab. Joshua landed a couple of hand warmers. Nothing in yet 10-10


The fighters meet in the centre of the ring, both light on their feet in what is expected to be a chess match.

Usyk lands first with a crisp left hand straight down the pipe and he is looking to assert his positional dominance by taking centre of the ring but AJ is not allowing his back to touch the ropes, pushing back.

Usyk touches AJ with a left hand to the body while Joshua clips Usyk with his right hand. Now the Ukrainian fires back again with another lovely clean left, he's certainly not fazed by the magnitude of this contest.

A left hook from AJ whistles past the chin of Usyk but he lands well with a right. Another left hand from Usyk lands as the round comes to an end.

Encouraging signs for both but it is Usyk who takes the first round. 

Seconds out is moments away!

Michael Buffer has made his introductions. Now, all there is left to do is for AJ and Usyk to touch gloves and we'll be under way!

A huge fight that will determine the heavyweight landscape will unfold in mere seconds. 

Jeff Powell at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The trains to stations within walking distance of the new home of the Spurs were as socially distanced as tins of sardines.

The majority of this human tidal wave refrained from cooling off in the bars, hurrying instead to begin filling the 67,000 seats hours before Usyk and Joshua would come to the ring.

So desperate was the appetite to take in the atmosphere of British boxing’s first big-crowd night out since the onset of Covid.

When Joshua’s arrival at the ground lit up the big screens they gave vent to roars  which he could hear in the bowels of the building and he responded with a military salute.

Where he was smiling and relaxed as he chatted with his team,  the normally jocular Usyk was stern-faced, serious and focussed on messages on his mobile.

Pale-faced, too, although throughout the long week of build up to what he has called the biggest fight of his life that had been his customary pallor.

Usyk steadfastly denied any hint of nerves about facing the bigger, stronger, natural heavyweight champion but Joshua had reminded him: ‘It’s very different facing me in the ring than at the weigh-in.’

Whether the proof of that would be forthcoming in this glorious setting was the major question of the night.

Glimpses of evidence to support that contention had come when the former undisputed world cruiserweight champion had failed to put any real dent in Dereck Chisora despite winning his second fight at heavyweight on points.

But we were looking for a sense of urgency in Joshua to get the job done before being drawn into a prolonged and complex contest by one of the most highly technical boxers in the world.

Not that Usyk’s chin had ever shown so much as a hint of vulnerability during his undefeated dominance at the lower weight – nor against Chisora for that matter. And he has added a few pounds of muscle since then.

The working title  for this fight read Journey To Undisputed and Fury was among those with a vested interest in Joshua being victorious. Not as much money in beating Usyk and the long-awaited mega-fight would be at the least delayed even further.

The mindless ritual booing of the foreign anthem was followed by an ear-splitting rendition of God Save The Queen.

Then Usyk made the long walk to the ring in the centre circle of a football field to a fairly muted reception.

The champion came among us all smiles and glad-handing those of his followers within touching distance, to flames and a fusillade of fireworks.

Light the blue touchpaper – and of course Get Ready To Rumble.

Jeff's round-by-round scores will follow our live updates.

Anthony Joshua is in the ring

After an unwelcome reception for Usyk from the pro-AJ crowd, the heavyweight champion comes out to widespread adulation in Tottenham.

Joshua, dressed in a white robe, looks relaxed as he makes his way to the ring with a light jog. Fireworks are let off outside the stadium, what a welcome back for these returning fans after so long away!

The fighters are on their way!

The Ukrainian and British national anthems have been sung, with the Ukrainian song roundly booed by the 67,000 fans in attendance in London.

Michael Buffer is the man with the microphone and he is now introducing Oleksandr Usyk, who is making his way to the ring. 

Your predictions, please!

Just ten minutes until AJ and Usyk make their ring walks now, folks. So, let's have your predictions!

Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte and Chris Eubank Jr have backed AJ to retain his titles while Frank Warren, Michael Hunter and George Groves predict an upset in North London.

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Lenin Castillo 'responsive' and rushed to hospital after KO defeat

Earlier tonight, Lenin Castillo was horribly knocked out by Callum Smith in distressing scenes. 

The light heavyweight is understood to be responsive but has been rushed to hospital following his second-round defeat.

Tyson Fury with a vested interest in outcome of Joshua v Usyk

There is far more than heavyweight titles on the line in North London tonight for Anthony Joshua.

AJ came so close to meeting rival Tyson Fury this summer, only for a £200m fight to fall through owing to Fury's commitments with Deontay Wilder.

Joshua must now keep up his side of the bargain and defeat Usyk before Fury takes on Wilder in two weeks.

The Gypsy King says he will be keeping a close eye on proceedings tonight, and hopes that AJ comes through his challenger.

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JOHNNY NELSON: Joshua MUST pace himself against Usyk

Former world champion Johnny Nelson is backing AJ to prevail tonight, but says he faces an almighty test in Usyk.

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The wait is almost over!

Right then, that's the undercard done and dusted, leaving us with just one fight remaining this evening and it's the big one: Joshua v Usyk. 

Ring walks are set for 9.55pm, here is the tale of the tape ahead of the main event. 

Anthony Joshua 

Age: 31

Nationality: British

Height: 6ft 6in

Reach: 82in

Stance: Orthodox

Record: 24W, 1L, 0D 

Knockouts: 22

Debut: 2013

Oleksandr Usyk 

Age: 34

Nationality: Ukrainian

Height: 6ft 3in

Reach: 78in 

Stance: Southpaw

Record: 18W, 0L, 0D 

Knockouts: 13 

Debut: 2013  

Okolie a class above

A very comfortable night for Okolie and in truth, it was a complete mismatch between the Brit and his challenger tonight. He will surely have his eyes on unification next.


Prasovic appears to have his legs back underneath him after being rocked in the last round. Okolie's challenge now is to once again find an opening to end this contest. 

Okolie misses with a wild right hand but follows up with a punishing body shot with his left and that sends his Montenegrin challenger to the canvas once more and he won't get up from that one. Fight over in the third round and Okolie defends his WBO title. Easy work.


Okolie puts together a crisp one-two which Prasovic rides well, but the Londoner fires back with a huge right hand that puts the Montenegrin on the canvas! 

He is back on his feet and Okolie connects with another right hand before the bell saves Prasovic. 


The bell sounds to begin this 12-round world title fight. Okolie prods out with his jab as he looks to maintain range against his smaller opponent. Prasovic digs in a body shot as the pair clinch and the round comes to a close. Quite tentative from both men.

Next up... Lawrence Okolie

The final fight before the main event is moments away, with Lawrence Okolie defending his WBO cruiserweight title against mandatory challenger Dilan Prasovic.

The challenger is undefeated but the Hackney-born champion is expected to walk through his foe tonight.

Round-by-round updates to follow.

Chris Eubank Jr's message to Campbell Hatton

'Don't worry about the big stage, don't worry about impressing the fans, don't worry about the name. Go away, go to Mexico, go to the small shows, build your record, build your experience, and then come back and do all this.'

Eubank Jr was speaking on Sky Sports Box Office. 

AJ be warned: Size does not always matter!

JEFF POWELL: Size has always been the fall-back position when calling these odds. All the more so as the ring has become increasingly the land of the giants. Yet skill and speed coupled with massive punching power has often upset that equation down the decades.

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Hatton picks up fourth professional win

Hatton's fight goes to the scorecards and he JUST wins, taking it 58-57.

That one will be debated by the masses, with the youngster having an off night in North London. Josh Taylor says Hatton was 'very fortunate' to get the result there.

Campbell Hatton in the ring

Back in the ring, Campbell Hatton - son of British legend Ricky - is in the final round of his first ever six-rounder, against Sonni Martinez.

The starlet is not having his best night and it could be a close one on the scorecards...

AJ 'honoured' by new mural in Tottenham

Anthony Joshua has revealed his pride after a stunning 40-foot mural was unveiled on Tottenham High Road ahead of his bout against Oleksandr Usyk. 

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Jeff Powell at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Thirty years almost to the day after we watched Michael Watson stretchered out of White Hart lane after being knocked out by Chris Eubank the first fight at the new Tottenham Hotspur ended in  distressing scenes.

There was no oxygen and no ambulance on hand to tend Watson, who could not speak or talk after he calm out of a long coma and on  to a long, heroic struggle for partial recovery.

This time paremedics rushed to the aid of Domincan Republic light-heavyweight Lenin Castillo as he lay prostrate on the canvas, twitching alarmingly, after being knocked unconscious by Liverpool’s former world super-middleweight champion Callum Smith.

The huge crowd beginning to gather in stadium applauded as he was carried away and boxing awaited medical reports.

There was a sense of relief as Castillo was reported to be conscious and responsive.

Meanwhile, in the ring...

The undercard is well under way and Callum Smith has just secured a second round knockout victory in his light heavyweight debut against Lenin Castillo. 

The Dominican Republican was left shaking on the canvas, such was the ferocity of the knockout. He is receiving medical attention now. Eddie Hearn has confirmed that Castillo is on his way to hospital and is responsive.

AJ's training secrets including two-hour naps on Fight Day

Rob Madden, who has been Joshua’s physio and a major part of the team since he turned professional in 2013, gave Sportsmail an insight into his preparations ahead of tonight's bout.

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AJ hits the scales 19 pounds HEAVIER than Usyk

He was expected to be trim for this one and AJ has hit the scales at the exact same weight he was for the Kubrat Pulev fight nine months ago - 240 pounds.

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Joshua a lean machine for Usyk challenge

Anthony Joshua's weight has been a significant topic of conversation in recent years, with the heavyweight champion receiving hefty criticism in the past for being too muscle bound. 

Joshua hit the scales at 240 pounds, but how has his fluctuating weight affected his performances over the years?

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AJ wants to face the best... and wouldn't say no to King Kong!

There is no challenge AJ will shirk, the heavyweight champion insists, as he sets about putting an end to Usyk's quest to become a two-weight world champion.

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Boxing's unexpected history with Tottenham

The history of boxing at Tottenham's football ground goes back almost a century.

Sportsmail looks at five significant fights at Spurs' old home White Hart Lane. 

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JEFF POWELL: AJ must go direct to beat canny Usyk

How Joshua approaches this fight is one of the most intriguing questions posed ahead of tonight's showdown with Usyk - a fighter viewed as the most technically-skilled opponent that the Briton has faced.

Here, Jeff Powell believes that the heavyweight champion must use his physicality to see off the Ukrainian. 

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Joshua: 'I want to go to Mars and the Amazon!'

A heavyweight mega-fight may be on the horizon for Anthony Joshua should he prevail this evening, but the British star has his mind set on life after boxing.

The 31-year-old told Sportsmail's Riath Al-Samarrai of his ambitions to travel to Mars and the Amazon when he finally hangs up his gloves.

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All you need to know ahead of AJ v Usyk

Fight card, betting odds, tale of the tape and plenty of other important information can be found in the link below!

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to Sportsmail's live coverage of Anthony Joshua's heavyweight title defence against Oleksandr Usyk at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

AJ puts not only his glut of championships on the line against the former unified cruiserweight king this evening, but also a crunch clash with WBC champion Tyson Fury. 

Stay tuned for build up towards tonight's main event where we will provide round-by-round coverage of this heavyweight blockbuster, while Sportsmail's boxing correspondent Jeff Powell will be giving his scores each round for the main event. 

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