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Ann Summer chief says transgender women welcome at sales parties and she wants to 'empower' them 

The founder of Ann Summers has said that transgender women are welcome at the company's sales parties.

Jacqueline Gold, who was appointed chief executive of the renowned company in 1993, described her efforts to 'empower' transgender women and make them feel more comfortable.

In an interview for the Past Imperfect series for The Times, Ms Gold said: 'We would absolutely welcome transgender [people], we want to support them. We want to empower them.

The founder of Ann Summers Jacqueline Gold described her efforts to 'empower' transgender women 

'We want to make them feel comfortable. Our changing rooms are open to transgenders.'  

The business tycoon went on to describe how the company had employed Talulah-Eve, the first-ever transgender contestant on Britain's Next Top Model, in their Christmas campaign last year.  

She added: 'It's been fantastic getting to know her. I go to the campaign filming, I love to meet the models.' 

Last year Talulah-Eve expressed her excitement at being able to represent a brand that 'empowers women and represents all women' after she became the first trans model to represent the company.

She told OK! magazine: 'As a trans woman you know it is kind of ground breaking because it's never been done before with the brand and it's an amazing step forward for the trans community because it's shining a light on us, it's raising awareness and it's showing that trans women can do what any other women do as well.'

Ms Gold began her career at the age of 21 when she started working for her father's company, Ann Summers.  

Ms Gold developed the idea of Ann Summers Party Plan after attending an at home Tupperware party. (Stock image) 

After attending an at home Tupperware party, Ms Gold developed the idea of Ann Summers Party Plan which saw the company introduce sex toys and lingerie to women in the home environment. 

Last year Ms Gold, who is married to mortgage broker Dan Cunningham, revealed that undergoing chemotherapy had made her 'lose her sight' for almost a year. 

The businesswoman underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy in 2019 after her breast cancer returned - two years after she was first given the all clear.

She told OK! magazine at the time: 'Chemotherapy also made me lose my sight. My vision was very blurred and things like crossing the road became a huge challenge. 

'Thankfully, it's come back now, but for most of the year it was blurry.' 

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