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Angry residents tie up Mexican mayor to a tree over 'broken down water tank'

A mayor in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas was tied to a tree by angry residents who were disgusted with the poor condition of a new water tank.

Local media outlets reported that Óscar Ramírez was presenting a series of public projects that had been promised to habitants of the city of Frontera Comalapa on Monday.

Representatives from 11 communities that make up the town, which sits across the border from Guatemala, confronted and questioned Ramírez over the water system's dilapidated state before they temporarily held him against his own will.

Oscar Ramírez, mayor of Frontera Comalapa, a city in the southern Mexican state of Mexico, appears to be tied to a tree after he was confronted by angry residents Monday moments after he unveiled a new water tank which they alleged was broken down and had holes that were patched up with cement 

Óscar Ramírez, who is the mayor of the southern Mexican city of Frontera Comalapa, claimed he was never tied to the tree after meeting 11 community members after he unveiled a new water tank

Ramírez was photographed wearing a face mask with his hands behind his back and tied to the tree.

A man who identifies himself as a member of a neighborhood association can be heard in a video posted online show slamming the concrete water tank's condition.

The community leader climbed down into the tank and scrapped the tank's surface, which had been covered with cement to prevent the water from leaking out. 

'He promised us that it would be a decent work for the people of Comalapa, but it was all a sham because the water system does not work well,' a resident said, according to El Sol de Mexico.  

Mexican mayor Óscar Ramírez was tied to a tree by an angry mob of residents on Monday

Still image of video filmed by a community leader in the souther Mexican border town of Frontera Comalapa in which he displayed some of the problems inside a new water tank that was unveiled this week

Community leaders says the new water tank had holes that were covered with concrete

'It is a long-standing problem that must be dealt with properly and that must be a priority in this [term], because he came to see us at our houses with that promise and now he does not want to comply.'

A concerned resident acknowledged that the neighborhoods that make up the rural city of Frontera Comalapa had been without water for over a week.

'It is not fair for us, because it is a vital liquid that we all need to be able to survive, feed ourselves, bathe and stay alive,' the resident said.

Ramírez took to social media on Tuesday and tried to downplay that he had been tied to the tree despite photos that proved he was.

'They did not tie me down,' he claimed. 'The meeting was with eleven representatives of neighborhoods of the municipal seat of Comalapa to agree on details of a high-impact work, the introduction of drinking water.' 

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