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Angry pensioners shout at passenger to 'get off the bus' after he refuses to wear a face mask

Angry pensioners and passengers got into a heated row with a man after he got on a bus without wearing a face mask.

The argument was filmed by a passenger on board the number 82 Arriva bus to Speke, Liverpool, on Wednesday evening.

In the video, a group of pensioners can be seen shouting at the man to 'get off the bus' after describing him as 'a danger'.

One woman, who is wearing a red skirt, stands up and points in the direction of the door as she loudly confronts the man, who is wearing a grey suit.

One of the angry passengers confronts a man who got on a Liverpool bus without wearing a face mask on Wednesday evening

She says: 'I'm not putting up with this, I'm not doing it. Get off the bus.'

At one point in the video, the driver is heard saying 'come on mate' and suggesting the man instead gets on the bus behind. 

The woman in the red skirt tells the man: 'Off, off, off,' while an older woman says: 'You're a danger, you're a danger.'

Other pensioners also join in, demanding that the man should get off the bus and even calling on the driver to kick him off.

But the driver eventually shuts the doors and leaves the bus stop, explaining to the passengers that he has a timetable to meet. 

Passenger Ethan, who witnessed and recorded what happened, told the Liverpool Echo: 'A man got on the number 82 to Speke from Earl Street, Dingle way, without a mask and he wouldn't wear a mask.

'The whole bus was telling him to get off the bus because he wouldn't wear a mask.' 

Angry pensioners also got involved in the confrontation, calling on the driver to kick the passenger off the bus for not wearing a mask

The Government regulations regarding face masks on public transport came into force in England on June 15, requiring all passengers to wear some form of face covering on buses and trains. 

Those not wearing a face covering on public transport can be fined or even refused entry to public transport.

A spokesperson for bus operator Arriva said: 'The safety of our customers and employees continues to be our priority. The wearing of face coverings continues to be mandatory for customers whilst using public transport (exemptions apply).

'We have clear guidance and signage for customers in regards to this and all other social distancing measures in place on bus, via social media and our website for more information please visit arrivabus.co.uk.'

The driver eventually left the bus stop, explaining to the travellers that he had a timetable to adhere to, despite the angry calls for the passenger to 'get off the bus'

 The Arriva website also states that everyone has a 'legal obligation' to follow face covering rules.

It reads: 'All of our drivers in England have been advised to inform our customers who are not wearing a face covering on boarding the bus, that they are required to do so by law, throughout their entire journey, unless they are exempt.

'If a customer is not exempt and refuses to wear a face covering, then our drivers have been instructed to explain to the customer that they are breaking the law and that the police have powers to impose a fine of up to £100. 

'Our drivers report all failures to comply with Government policy to their Depot Management team to allow us to closely monitor the situation and advise the authorities.'

This incident follows an argument on another Liverpool bus, when two passengers became involved in a loud confrontation about a woman failing to wear a face covering.

According to witnesses, a number of passengers began criticising a younger passenger for not wearing a mask, leading to others jumping in to defend her.

One witness said: 'A man and an older woman started ganging up on her and a massive row erupted. 

'The bus driver had to get out of his seat and came over to demand what was going on and he told one woman she wasn't even wearing her mask properly.' 

Individuals who are exempt from wearing face masks include those with breathing difficulties and respiratory conditions, people with mental health conditions and those with other non-visible disabilities. 

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