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American Pie singer Don McLean says ex-wife Patrisha McLean is the 'worst' person he's ever known

Don McLean revealed his feelings towards his ex-wife as he opened up about the mysteries of his hit song, American Pie.

The singer-songwriter, 75, who lives in Palm Desert, California, explained that it took him four years to get over his relationship with Patrisha McLean, who he was married to for 29 years and shares two children with.

He told The Irish Times that the love letters she sent every month for 30 years 'immediately turned to salt' when their relationship crumbled, following the accusations of domestic violence made against him.

Having divorced in 2016, Don said he hasn't met anyone who compares to Patrisha, and added: 'I can truly say that my ex-wife is the worst person I ever knew.' 

The hitmaker added that it's only now that their 2016 split is sinking in, despite the fact he moved on with Playboy model Paris Dylan, 25, months after his divorce finalized.

Don McLean, 75, (pictured) who lives in Palm Desert, California, told The Irish Times, his ex-wife is the 'worst' person he's ever known 

Don was arrested and charged for domestic violence before the divorce of his second wife Patrisha, who he was married to for 29 years. Pictured, at California's Country Music Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 26, 2014 

Don said the love letters Patrisha sent every month for 30 years 'immediately turned to salt' when their marriage came to an end. Pictured: Don at the Knox Count Jail in Rockland in January, 2016

Since the breakdown of their marriage, Patrisha has spoken about her relationship with Don in a travelling exhibit called Finding Our Voices, and has established a domestic violence non-profit organisation of the same name.

She filed for divorce two months after Don was arrested for domestic violence on the grounds of 'adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences.' 

Patrisha McLean filed for a protection order after her husband's arrest, but withdrew the request only days later.

In a statement supporting her request for the restraining order, she alleged that her husband had 'terrorized' her 'for four hours' on the night before he was arrested.

Don began a relationship with former Playboy model Paris Dylan, 25, (pictured) months after his divorce finalized 

Patrisha McLean also wrote that she feared for her life after the singer allegedly grabbed her forcefully and said he wanted to 'strangle' her.

But she said she didn't anticipate the statement to be made public and said she felt 'blindsided' after her claims were publicized.

The Portland Press Herald reported she called the newspaper and defended her husband's character, saying she stood by her charges but that the alleged abuse represented only 'one side of him' and that he is 'not a monster.'

Don, who is best known for 1971 hit song American Pie, pleaded guilty to the charges and paid a fine, however his lawyer said this was 'not because he was in fact guilty of anything, but to provide closure for his family and keep the whole process as private as possible.'

The 75-year-old began a relationship with former Playboy model Paris Dylan, 25, just months after his divorce was finalized. 

Their coupling quickly flourished when Paris was hired to manage his social media accounts in 2016. 

Don, who has been coy in the past about his relationship with Paris Dylan, who is 48 years his junior, revealed that he doesn't read any media coverage about him regardless if it's good or bad.

Describing it as 'all a bunch of b*******,' he hinted at a need for control. 

Don said he plans to auction most of his possessions before he dies - including song lyrics, weapons and guitars - because he doesn't want to leave them for someone else to 'figure out what to do' with them.  

Don, who has made about $150 million over the course of his 50-year career, said his hit song American Pie is a fusion of genres. Pictured: Don in 1970s 

Don was aged 24 when he wrote American Pie and has avoided giving in-depth incite into the verses, although many agree the song is about the state of America in the 1960s.   

Having made about $150 million (£115, 000) over the course of his 50-year career, Don is set to mark the anniversary of his hit song with new documentary The Day the Music Died.

A Broadway show has also been planned for 2022, alongside a children's book. 

Don who describes American pie as a fusion of folk, rock’n’roll and old-fashioned popular music, explained the folk aspect of the song is in the verse-chorus-verse composition.

Giving a vague insight into the mysteries of the song, he said: 'I’ve never said that to anybody in 50 years.'

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