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Alfie Patten, 25, who was once named Britain's youngest father aged 13 is kicked out of his house

A man who was once dubbed Britain's youngest father at 13 has been kicked out of his home for alleged drug dealing.

Alfie Patten, from East Sussex, was a teenager when he was said to have fathered a child with family friend Chantelle Steadman, 15, in 2009.

It was thought Chantelle conceived the child after sleeping with Alfie when he was 12 before a DNA test later proved the real father was mutual friend Tyler Barker, then 14.

Now Patten, 25, and his mother, Nicola, 55, have been has been kicked out of their terraced home in Hailsham, East Sussex for using it as the centre of a drug dealing operation.

Alfie Patten, from East Sussex, was 13 when he was thought to have fathered a child. He has now been kicked out of his house

It was thought Chantelle conceived the child after sleeping with Alfie when he was 12 before a DNA test later proved the real father was mutual friend Tyler Barker

Brighton Magistrates Court heard the pair had been kicked out by the landlord and were now being housed by the council.

Police lodged a closure order in December last year due to nuisance behaviour and disorder at the three-bedroom house and were today/yesterday granted an extension to the ruling.

District Judge Teresa Szagun said: 'The premises were being used for drug dealing and there was the anti-social behaviour spilling out onto the street and affecting the neighbourhood.

'From what I can gather the landlord does not want the Pattens back. They still don't have anywhere else to live.'

The court was told Patten has a caution for cocaine possession from 2016 and his mother had a similar caution from 2009.

Louise Ravenscroft, prosecuting for Sussex Police, said: 'They were the organisers and protagonists of the behaviour.'

She said there had been five raids on the house under the Misuse of Drugs Act in the past two years.

Miss Ravenscroft added: 'They remain under investigation by Sussex Police. They are seen by the police as heavily involved in the drug business.' 

Lewes Crown Court heard Patten was a jobless alcoholic but was told Patten was desperately trying to tackle his severe alcohol problems and his GP was seeking medical and psychological help for him to reduce his drinking.

The 2009 baby case sparked a national debate about morality and teenage pregnancy with then Tory leader David Cameron saying it raised 'worrying' questions about modern Britain.

Alfie met Chantelle in 2008 at the age of 12 while playing out in the streets of the East Sussex village of Lower Dicker, where they both lived.

His mother thought the friendship was innocent enough and as Alfie had not gone through puberty she claimed she had no worries about them being left alone.

He sometimes stayed at her house and it was after one sleepover that Chantelle told him she was four months pregnant.

In February 2009, Maisie Roxanne was born weighing 7lbs and 3oz and Alfie was thrown into the role of father.

He later said: 'It was a crazy time. Holding Maisie for the first time was amazing. I was too young to understand the consequences of being a dad but I liked holding her and immediately loved her.

'The amount of attention it got was crazy. Everywhere I went people knew who I was. I couldn't leave the house for weeks. I had to have time off school.

Six weeks later he was hit with the bombshell that he was not the father and their mutual friend, Tyler Barker, was the real father.

He told how he cried for days and was doubly upset because Chantelle and her family moved away and he couldn't see the baby anymore.

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