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Alex Murdaugh is heard lying to 911 dispatchers after roadside shooting

Calm and coherent Alex Murdaugh lied to 911 dispatchers and gave a misleading description of his alleged 'shooter' the day he claimed to have been shot in the head in a bizarre drive-by incident, September 4.

Today, for the first time, Murdaugh can be heard giving his own account of what happened that day in newly released audio of 911 calls obtained by DailyMail.com.

And while his attorneys have insisted that he was gravely wounded - briefly blinded and left unconscious - the audio tells a very different story as Murdaugh coolly delivers lie after lie.

In the first call Murdaugh claims: 'I got a flat tire and I stopped, and somebody stopped to help me and when I turned my back they tried to shoot me.'

Asked by the dispatcher, 'Were you shot?' He responds: 'Yes. But I'm okay…I can't drive and I'm bleeding a lot.'

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Alex Murdaugh (pictured at a bond hearing in Columbia, South Carolina Tuesday) can be heard lying to 911 dispatchers and giving a misleading description of his alleged 'shooter' in newly-released audio from his botched assisted suicide attempt on September 4

Murdaugh claimed to have been changing the tire on his car on this rural road in Hampton County, South Carolina, when someone supposedly stopped to help him before shooting him

Murdaugh, 53, goes onto claim that, while he isn't sure, he believes he has been shot 'somewhere on my head.'

Pressed for more details he says: 'They pulled over like they were going to help me. I'm bleeding pretty bad.'

Asked if he can provide a description of his shooter Murdaugh states: 'It was a white fella. I'd say younger than me, a fair amount younger than me. Really, really short hair.'

Murdaugh's story fell apart within days as it emerged that he had been ousted from his family law firm for embezzling millions, outed himself as an opioid addict and confessed to having conspired to have himself killed so that his son, Buster, 25, could claim his $10million life insurance.

He was charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and filing a false police report.

His co-accused, Curtis 'Eddie' Smith, whom Murdaugh told authorities was his drug dealer and the man he had hired to shoot him, could hardly be more different from the description Murdaugh gave to the 911 dispatcher on the day of the 'attack.'

At 61 he is almost a decade older than Murdaugh, with long straggly hair and unshaven appearance.   

Murdaugh's story quickly fell apart with police later alleging that he had orchestrated his own shooting in a botched assisted suicide scheme in the hopes that his surviving son would collect a $10million life insurance payment

The South Carolina legal scion's life dramatically spiraled following the murders of his wife Maggie (second from left) and youngest son Paul (second from right) in June 

Smith has vehemently denied Murdaugh's revised version of events, saying that he was called to the roadside to find Murdaugh brandishing a gun, demanding that he shoot him. 

Smith claims he refused and that the weapon discharged when he tried to wrest it from Murdaugh's grip.

Alex Murdaugh is seen in this police mugshot photo in Orlando, Florida on October 14

But while their client's account has changed, Murdaugh's attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin have remained adamant that he was seriously wounded, recently producing medical reports that, they claim, back up those assertions.

South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) has always described Murdaugh's wound as 'superficial.'

Now, the newly released audio, casts further doubt on the severity of those injuries as Murdaugh appears neither muddled nor in distress despite referring to himself as 'bleeding pretty bad.'

A second audio file reveals that a good Samaritan stopped to assist him and began driving him to Hampton Hospital before being met by EMS who were already en route.

A third file reveals that a couple called 911 after passing Murdaugh at the side of the road Old Salkahatchie Road, next to St John's Missionary Church where he claimed to have pulled over to fix a flat tire.

Speaking to the dispatcher the unnamed woman explains that they saw a man, 'covered in blood and waving his hands' by the side of the road.

They didn't stop, she says, 'Because it looked like a set up.'

Murdaugh later told authorities he hired Curtis 'Eddie' Smith, 61,(pictured)  to shoot him. But the 911 call reveals he had initially described his alleged shooter as a 'younger', 'white fella' with 'really, really short hair'

Deputies responding to Alex Murdaugh's self-reported shooting initially treated the incident as attempted murder, according to the incident report

Both Smith and Murdaugh were bonded out when they appeared in Hampton County Court in relation to the incident last month. Murdaugh's bail was on condition that he returned to rehab in Florida.

But he was not so lucky, Monday when he was back in court on further criminal charges. This time they related to misappropriation of funds in the death of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

Satterfield died following a 'trip and fall' accident in Murdaugh's family home. Murdaugh stands accused of syphoning off millions of dollars of settlement money that should have gone to her sons after they sued him on his advice.

Charged on two counts of obtaining property on false pretenses, Murdaugh was denied bail and is currently languishing in the Alvin S Glenn Correction Center, Columbia.

It is now more than four months since his wife Maggie, 52, and younger son Paul, 22, were found, shot dead, by dog kennels on the family's hunting estate of Moselle.

The brutal slaying would prove the catalyst for an avalanche of scandal and alleged misdeeds as Murdaugh's world and reputation imploded with dizzying speed.

Last week his attorneys finally admitted that he is a person of interest in the ongoing investigation into Maggie and Paul's deaths – though they insist that their client had no involvement.

Paul, Margaret, Alex and Buster (from left to right). The legal scion has admitted to stealing millions from his housekeeper's sons and his law firm, but denies any involvement in the murders of his wife and son

Paul, 22, (left) and Maggie, 52, (right) were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds at the family's estate on June 7

General view of the Moselle Hunting Lodge where Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were gunned down June 7. Their bodies were discovered by Murdaugh by the dog kennels

Meanwhile criminal investigations have also been reopened into the death of gay teenager Stephen Smith, 19, who was found dead in July 2015. He had suffered serious head injuries and was laying in the middle of a country road some 14 miles from the Murdaugh residence.

The death was ruled a hit and run despite investigating officers finding 'no evidence' of vehicular involvement and case notes showing serious push-back from some investigators.

The notes, obtained by DailyMail.com, also revealed that police pressed witnesses and friends over any relationship between the dead boy and Buster Murdaugh after receiving anonymous tips suggesting there was one.

SLED has also reopened the investigation into 57-year-old Satterfield's death on the request of Hampton County Coroner Angie Topper. In a letter to SLED Topper expressed concern that no autopsy had been conducted following Satterfield's death which was listed on her death certificate as 'natural' – a finding 'inconsistent' with a trip and fall accident as reported.