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Albuquerque Aryan Brotherhood member drove car with three dead fellow gangsters to hospital

Accused Aryan Brotherhood member Richard Kuykendall, 41, has been charged with a federal weapons possession count in connection with a triple homicide in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Disturbing surveillance video shows the moment a suspected Aryan Brotherhood member was shot at by his fellow white supremacist gang members from within a car, before he abandoned the vehicle containing the bodies of the three men at an Albuquerque hospital. 

In the video, as described in an affidavit written by an FBI agent in support of a criminal complaint, suspect Richard Kuykendall, 41, was walking in an alley on Wednesday afternoon when a dark-colored Chevy approached from behind and stopped next to him.

Kuykendall tries to get inside through the rear passenger door, but one of the car's occupants fires several shots at him, which strikes a cinderblock behind him.

Several shots are fired within the car and exit though the front windshield.

Kuykendall opens the back door, jumps into the Chevy and closes the door behind him.

A few seconds later he exits the back door and walks toward a dumpster, then returns to the car and gets behind the wheel, sitting on top of the driver, and heads to the hospital.

An Albuquerque police SWAT team on Friday arrested Kuykendall on a federal arrest warrant in connection with the deadly shooting. 

Police said that detectives tracked Kuykendall to a home on the east side of Albuquerque and called in the SWAT team to make the arrest on Friday night, two days after he was caught on video dodging bullets fired from inside a car,  and later walking away from a hospital shirtless and dripping blood. 

He was questioned and then booked into jail on a federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

A criminal complaint filed on Friday indicates that an FBI special agent believes that Kuykendall, also known as 'Sky,' may have killed one of the three men found dead inside the vehicle, and thinks all four men are members of the Aryan Brotherhood - a ruthless white supremacist prison gang that has been around since 1964.  

Surveillance video from May 12 shows Kuykendall dodging bullets being fired from inside this Chevy Malibu parked in an alley 

Kuykendall ducks to avoid getting shot in the 2400 block of San Pedro Drive NE 

Kuykendall climbs inside the back of the car, settles in the driver's seat and takes off

As of Monday morning, Kuykendall has not been charged in connection with the killings. Police said he had a gun when the shooting happened.

Two of the victims found Wednesday in a bullet-riddled car outside a city hospital have been identified as 44-year-old Brandon Torres and 41-year-old James Fisher.

The full name of the third man, identified in charging documents only by his initials, M.S., was being withheld until his relatives can be notified. 

The shooting happened just after 2.40pm on Wednesday while the dark Chevrolet Malibu was parked in the 2400 block of San Pedro Drive NE. Surveillance video from a nearby business obtained by KOB4 shows shots fired from inside the car at Kuykendall as he stands outside. He ducks to avoid getting hit, then climbs into the vehicle.

A short time later, Kuykendall arrived at Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital in northeast Albuquerque, where he left the car with three dead men inside 

Security video shows a shirtless Kuykendall walking away from the hospital, with blood on his arm 

An iron cross tattoo that is associated with the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang is seen on his chest (circled) 

The affidavit states that Kuykendall removed one of the three guns that were inside the car and hid it in a nearby dumpster.

He then got behind the wheel and drove the Chevy with the three dead bodies inside to Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital in northeast Albuquerque. 

There, he approached a security guard and told him there were 'three dead guys in the Chevy,' according to the court document. After pacing around for a few moments, Kuykendall fled on foot.   

Security video shows Kuykendall walking away from the hospital bare-chested with blood on his arm. 

A search of the Chevy yielded two guns and shell casings. A third gun, a Berretta 9mm, was later recovered on the side of the dumpster next to the crime scene.  

Kuykendall has a long criminal history with 35 arrests in New Mexico and Massachusetts

The affidavit states that the victims all were members of Aryan Brotherhood and Kuykendall has an apparent association to the gang via identifying tattoos, including an iron cross on his chest seen in the second video, along with a Shamrock, a Viking, a lightning bolt and the words 'White Boy.' 

The FBI said Kuykendall has a long criminal history dating back to at least 1998 with 35 arrests in New Mexico and Massachusetts including assault and battery, forgery, larceny and identity theft.

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