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Adorable moment service dog wearing Minnie Mouse ears meets her cartoon heroine at Disneyland 

This is the heartwarming moment a Golden Retriever met Minnie Mouse and immediately rolled on her back demanding stomach rubs at Disneyland. 

In the clip, owner Megan is beaming as she points out the Disney character has 'mini ears on, to match you!' when Nala is introduced to Minnie, in California.

Minnie gives Megan a hug and then tells the cute pooch 'I like your ears as well'.

Nala the Retriever, who is Austism and PTSD task trained, happily wagged her tail as she met her cartoon heroine in Disneyland, US

The animal-lover excitedly laughs and tells the beloved dog to 'go say hi'.

 and Nala immediately wanders towards Minnie.

The Retriever, who is Austism and PTSD task trained, happily wags her tail as she wanders towards Minnie and nuzzles into her lap.

Minnie sits on the floor and welcomes the service dog into her arms. 

Minnie gasps in excitement as Nala, who is named after a character in Lion King, gets close for a cuddle

The cute dog stretched across the floor in Disneyland, US. She demanded stomach rubs and attention from Minnie Mouse

Nala appears completely at ease as she stretches out and rolls on to the carpet.

Megan struggles to contain her amusement as she giggles with bystanders and says 'we flop'. 

Nala, who is named after a character in Lion King, then spreads across the floor and gets stomach rubs from Minnie.

Whenever she stops giving Nala attention, the dog holds a front leg in the air to pester for more tickles.

Megan wears a wide grin as she poses for a photograph with Nala at Disneyland. The owner said the service dog has an 'amazing ability to know when something is off' and helped her cope with people who don't understand her Autism

Minnie holds her hands to her heart as she swoons at Nala's adorable demand for cuddles. 

The clip, which has gathered more than 15k views, has sent the hearts of animal-lovers soaring.

Sjmaturo wrote: 'That golden flop! My favorite! Ours does that too!'

Nala wears a miniature sombrero as she grins with Donald Duck at the amusement park

Another user said: 'How can I like this picture 100 times.' 

Nala is trained to do crowd control, keeping a bit of space around Megan and blocking people standing too close. 

The service dog has an 'amazing ability to know when something is off', according to Megan's Instagram.

She will notice if Megan's unwell before she does herself and will 'try to nose bump' her hand or leg.   

The cute pet's favorite castle show is Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fare.