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Adelaide man avoids jail after alcohol-fuelled attack on his partner in 2019

Jack Dwayne Wundenberg, 27, has avoided jail after choking his partner and threatening her children in 2019

A South Australian man has narrowly avoided jail after he choked his partner and threatened to slit her children's throats during an alcohol-fuelled attack.

Jack Dwayne Wundenberg, 27, walked free from Adelaide District Court on Monday after pleading guilty to aggravated assault and threatening to kill or endanger life.

The court heard Wundenberg got into an argument with his ex-partner at a Wall Flat home on June 10, 2019, The Advertiser reported. 

'You were intoxicated … you started pushing her around the kitchen,' Chief Judge Michael Evans said during sentencing. 

Mr Wundenberg had reportedly refused to let his partner leave the kitchen after he demanded she give him a phone number. 

'You grabbed her around the throat with your right hand, lifting her off the ground and pushing her against the wall. You continued to hold her with your right hand for about 40-50 seconds before letting her go, where she slumped to the floor,' Judge Evans said.

The court heard Mr Wundenberg then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to harm her children who were also home at the time. 

Adelaide District Court heard Mr Wundenberg  (pictured) suffered from alcohol and drug problems

'You said to her ''give me the number or I'm going to slit their throats with a knife'',' Chief Judge Evans said. 

Mr Wundenberg had previously pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and threatening to kill or endanger life.

He later wrote a letter addressed to his ex-partner expressing remorse for the attack. 

Chief Judge Evans noted the offence had left a significant lasting impact on the victim, causing her to be frightened to live alone and fearful for her children.

The court also heard Mr Wundenberg suffered from drug and alcohol problems, spending 20 days in custody for the offending.

Mr Wunderberg is reportedly working and in a new relationship since the assault, the court heard.  

Chief Judge Evans noted the 2019 offence had left a significant lasting impact on the victim 

Chief Judge Evans said the time Mr Wundenberg served in custody will be a 'significant reminder' to him of the consequences of his uncontrollable anger.

He also added that society would not tolerate violence against vulnerable people.

Mr Wundenberg was sentenced to one year and two months jail under a non-parole period of seven months. 

The punishment was suspended on a three-year good behaviour bond, with supervision for two years. 

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