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Actor who played Elliott in E.T. 'tampered with his urine sample when he was arrested for a DUI' 

Actor Henry Thomas, known for his role as 10-year-old Elliott in 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial', allegedly tampered with his urine sample and threatened an officer after he was arrested for a DUI in Oregon. 

The Tualatin Police Department first arrested Thomas in October when they found the 48-year-old actor passed out behind the wheel in the middle of residential intersection near his Portland home. 

The Oregonian reports that Thomas attempted to flub his breathalyzer test and tampered with his urine sample.  

Actor Henry Thomas (pictured), known for his role in 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' was arrested for a DUI in October 

When Officer Jessica Lemieux attempted to administer a breathalyzer test on Thomas, police reports say he repeatedly blocked the machine's mouthpiece while pretending to breathe.  

'Thomas was puffing his cheeks and his face would get red but there would not be a lot of breath coming out,' Lemieux said in a police report. 

Thomas was placed in a holding cell and asked to provide a urine sample for authorities. 

He reportedly returned the test container with clear, cool liquid filled up to the brim that officers believe was toilet water. 

Pictured: The intersection in Portland, Oregon, where authorities found Thomas passed out behind the wheel 

Lemieux said: 'The sample had been tampered with or diluted with toilet water.'

Thomas denied misconduct before banging on the glass of the holding cell as Lemieux wrote a warrant to get a blood sample from him. 

Thomas also allegedly threatened the rookie cop transporting him to the hospital for a blood test.

'I hope the city has a lot of money. I am going to make sure you are fired.' Thomas reportedly told Lemieux. 

Thomas reportedly told an officer: 'I hope the city has a lot of money. I am going to make sure you are fired' 

Before being taken into police custody, new information regarding the scene reveal that Thomas was found with bloodshot eyes and had a empty bottle of marijuana tincture. 

Officer Cameron Montrose said in a police report: 'I would describe Thomas' actions as sloth like. He very slowly looked up at me and then rolled the window down.'

Spit was reportedly dripping from the window and Thomas' jacket, as well as the smell of pot extract evident in his Prius. 

Authorities say Thomas swayed when he exited his car and slurred his speech as he admitted that he a few hard ciders earlier that night. 

Thomas refused to take a field sobriety and was taken into police custody at the Tualatin Police Department.  

Thomas pleaded no contest last month to his DUI and a judge ordered him into a one-year diversion program.    

Thomas is best known as the adorable child actor who portrayed the young protagonist in Steven Spielberg's critically acclaimed movie 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.' 

The movie received universal praise and surpassed 'Star Wars' as the highest grossing film of all time. 

'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' grossed $359 million in North America and $619 million worldwide

At the end of its theatrical run, the movie grossed $359 million in North America and $619 million worldwide. 

In the years following his early success, Thomas acted in several TV roles and films.  

In 2018, Thomas he starred in the Netflix supernatural horror show 'Haunting of Hill House.' 

He won the Best Actor in a Streaming Presentation at Saturn Award in 2019 for his role as Timothy Hutton. 

Most recently, he starred in a 'E.T. the Extra Terrestrial' Xfinity commercial in November. 

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