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Abandoned home of war veteran is filled with memorabilia including a letter on behalf of the Queen

An abandoned home of a war veteran has been captured filled to the brim with historic memorabilia including a revolver, an Imperial Service Medal and a letter on behalf of the Queen in 1961.

One photo showed books lining the walls and a gun perched on an old chair inside the quaint cottage in Wiltshire, while another taken from the stairs pictured several paintings lining the walls, including a replica of the Mona Lisa.

Dozens of appliances, pots and pans and boxes can also be seen left stacked upon one another in the kitchen.

Urban explorer Elisa Smith, 33, from Crawley, West Sussex, took the images of the incredible time capsule.

An old revolver pictured inside a Fry's Shilling Chocolate box at the abandoned home of a war veteran in Wiltshire. The images were captured by 33-year-old urban explorer Elisa Smith

A first aid training certificate from the British Red Cross and on behalf of her Majesty the Queen, dated 1961, pictured above in the abandoned cottage

A desk in the living room pictured covered in newspapers, magazines, photographs and books. A bookshelf can also be seen towards the left with framed pictures on top of the desk

An old smoking pipe rests upon two leather bound books, including the complete works of Polish-British writer Joseph Conrad, inside the thatched cottage in Wiltshire 

An old photograph of the war veteran with his former naval colleagues was discovered inside one of the rooms of the abandoned home

A rifle is propped up on an old armchair inside the cottage in Wiltshire, in front of a bookcase filled with leather-bound novels

During her visit to the thatched cottage, Ms Smith took the pictures using her Samsung S20 and Canon Powershot cameras.  

She said: 'When I entered the house, I was filled with adrenaline as us explorers often are.

'I could see right away it was a time capsule full of history. Right from the start, I could see he was an intelligent man as there were books everywhere I looked. 

'Microscopes, slides, magnifying glasses, and so many telecommunication devices - including radios and phones - could be seen.

'To my amazement, I found he had received the Imperial Service Medal in 1970. 

'There was also a first aid training letter from the British Red Cross and her Majesty the Queen dated 1961.

Magnifying glasses, smoking pipes, a framed letter, leather-bound books and newspaper clippings were found on a side table

A letter passing condolences to the war veteran for the loss of his wife was also found inside the abandoned home in Wiltshire

One bedroom filled with old books and items of clothing left on hangers seen inside the abandoned property in Wiltshire

The kitchen is seen filled with boxes, appliances, tea towels and kitchenware inside the thatched cottage once owned by a war veteran

'I think the saddest part for me though was a letter expressing their condolences for the loss of his wife, but he had kept all of her belongings in the drawer, bedside and bathroom.

'It seemed like a mark of true love.'

Adults between the ages of 55 to 94 are up to three times more likely to suffer from hoarding disorder than those between the ages of 34 to 44. 

The items most commonly hoarded include books, newspapers, photographs and clothing. 

An old doll sits on a side table next to the bed, with pictures, brushes, hair products and a clock also seen on the dresser

Clutter has filled the living room of the time capsule, with plastic bottles seen on a tabletop and boxes on the armchair

Old black and white framed photographs of family members can be seen on the mantelpiece and throughout the property

The bathroom cupboard is seen still filled with shampoo, shaving products, a hairbrush and aftershave inside the cottage

Another photo taken from the stairs pictured several paintings lining the walls, including a replica of the Mona Lisa

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