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A QUARTER of NYPD will be sent home if they don't get their first vaccine shot by Friday

A quarter of the NYPD could get sent home without pay if they don't comply with the mayor's order to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by Friday evening, with city leaders urging officers to get the shot ahead of the deadline. 

Commissioner Dermot Shea is trying to sway officers - some of the most vaccine-hesitant workers in city government - to comply with last week's order from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

About 73 percent of NYPD workers have at least one shot, which means that as many as 27 percent of police employees could be placed on unpaid leave starting Monday, when the mandate takes effect, if they don't get vaccinated by 5pm Friday. 

Mayor de Blasio says he feels 'ready' to handle a dramatic drop-off in the number of officers in the streets as violent crime continues to rise in New York City, but it remains unclear how the department would keep enough officers on the ground.

More than a quarter of the NYPD's employees could be put on unpaid leave starting Monday

All city employees have until Friday at 5pm to get at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Above, a student gets a shot at a vaccination event in a Staten Island high school in August

About 73 percent of NYPD workers are vaccinated, police say. The department has had some of the lowest vaccination rates of all city organs since vaccines became available

'Remember, our first responder agencies, our uniformed agencies went through so much last year where they had huge numbers of members out because of COVID and they had to keep making constant adjustments to provide the services we need to keep people safe - and they did it and they did it very well,' de Blasio said during his daily briefing Wednesday morning.. 

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told NY1 on Tuesday that the department is preparing for the deadline 'as if this is going to go into effect Friday evening.'

'We have vaccines available throughout the city for our members.' 

Mayor de Blasio, who instituted the order just last Wednesday, says he expects officers to hold out until the last minute.

'What I expect is a surge of activity, particularly on Friday,' de Blasio said.

'We had this pattern with the health care workers. We had this pattern with everyone who works for Department of Education, which is, by far, our biggest agency – a surge of vaccination right up on the deadline. 

'And then, some people who didn't get vaccinated by the deadline, but recognize that they're about to be put on unpaid leave, who would then go out and get vaccinated immediately, and then even others who get vaccinated in the days after.'

New York City was averaging about 1,137 cases of COVID-19 on October 17, the last day of full data. More than 85 percent of city adults have at least one dose of a vaccine.

He also said the city is prepared to handle staffing changes arising from officers who decline to get the shot. 

'These are agencies that have been preparing for months,' he said.

DeBlasio, above getting a Moderna booster shot on Monday, announced a vaccine mandate with no weekly test-out option for all city workers just last week

NYC was averaging about 1,137 cases of COVID-19 on October 17, the last day of full data

'Every one of the commissioners has been absolutely confident that they can make the adjustments and every one of the commissioners has adamantly wanted us to move forward with a vaccine mandate. So, I feel ready.'

Crime in New York City continues to go up as the city recovers from COVID-19 lockdowns. 

On Monday morning, two teenagers exchange gunfire outside Midwood High School in southern Brooklyn - the second gang-related shootout near a school this month.

One of the teens, who was later arrested, was identified as a member of the G-Stone Crips armed gang.

The city has also seen a rise in subway-related crimes.

During Monday evening's rush hour, a man sitting on the N train was shot in the leg in a botched robbery attempt. The 42-year-old victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition and the police was still hunting for the suspect.

Two teenagers exchanged gunfire outside a Brooklyn public high school on Monday - the second time this month that a gang-related shootout took place near a New York City school

The mandate could lead to a shortage of NYPD workers as violent crime continues to soar

The city has also seen a rise in subway-related crimes, including a shooting on Monday

As of Sunday, felony assault is up eight percent in the city compared to the same time last year. Rape and grand larceny are each up about three percent. 

Thousands of New Yorkers were seen marching across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday in protest of the vaccine mandate for city workers that is set to go into effect on November 1.

The Manhattan bound lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge had been closed between 12.30 and 3pm on Monday due to the protest, according to an NYPD report.

About 160,000 city workers remained unvaccinated as of Monday. 

Also on Monday, the NYPD officers' union, the Police Benevolent Association, sued the city over the vaccine mandate.

The union argued that the previous rules, which allowed for a weekly testing option, were enough.

The NYPD has has one of the lowest vaccination rates of all city organs and has struggled to keep up since the vaccine became widely available in the spring.

The Department of Corrections and the city's Housing Authority have the city's lowest rates of vaccination at 51 and 59 percent, respectively, according to data released by the mayor's office on October 19. 

A man who was shot in the leg while sitting on the N train sits in an ambulance on Monday afternoon near Union Square

NYPD is hunting for the suspect, above, who shot the man during a rush-hour robbery

The Landmark's Preservation Commission is the only city body in which 100 percent of workers have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. They're followed by the Mayor's Office at 96 percent. 

'I don't know how we got here,' Shea said.

'We even have nurses refusing to get vaccinated. I think people made this such a political issue during the 2020 elections and now it’s come home to roost. 

'Wouldn't it have ben a nicer situation if you had President Trump and President-elect Biden standing next to each other saying everyone has to get vaccinated right now? But we had it as a political issue and now it’s just festering in the time we're in.'

Mayor de Blasio noted on Wednesday that any officers who decide not to get vaccinated and get placed on unpaid leave would potentially create 'savings' for the department.

'We're not looking at this from the budgetary perspective, we're looking at this in terms of how we keep people safe,' he said. 

'Now, obviously - look, I'd like everyone who's not yet vaccinated to get vaccinated by the end of Friday. If they don't, they're going off payroll. I don't want that savings, but that does create a savings.'