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25 year old employee takes her pay from £30K to £37K a year because 'she earned it' 

Asking for a pay rise can be nerve-wracking, but one employee has revealed how she was able to give herself a salary increase, thanks to a unique scheme at her workplace.  

Cecilia Manduca, 25, who works for London-based company GrantTree, which helps businesses secure government funding, recently decided to take her salary from £30,000 to £37,000.

GrantTree doesn't decide its employees salaries, and instead lets them set what they earn, funding expert Cecilia explained on BBC 5 Live's Wake Up to Money. 

However, people cannot grant themselves a raise without discussing it with their colleagues beforehand, and it must be in line with what they would be paid for a similar role at another company. 

Cecila Manduca, 25, from London, works for GrantTree - a company that allows its employees to set their own salaries - and recently gave herself a £7,000 raise

Cecilia, pictured on holiday in Australia, explained she had to consult with other employees in order to decide whether her raise was justified 

Cecilia explained that while she struggled a lot with the idea of a £7,000 raise, she was encouraged in her choice by her colleagues. 

'I felt a lot of doubts asking for that raise. It took a lot of talks with other people,' she said. 

Cecilia's decision to give herself a raise came after her responsibilities had evolved. 

GrantTree doesn't have line managers, nor does it decide impose salaries on employees. Instead, it lets them determine how much they want to be paid 

'I was aware that my job had changed. I was aware I was going way beyond my targets,' she added. 

'When I spoke with my colleagues internally and asked for advice, the advice they gave me was that, yes, I did deserve it and I was worth it,' she added. 

Discussing the possibility of a raise openly with one's colleagues is one of the requirements of the GrantTree model. 

Instead of going through the traditional pay review process, the employee will sit down with the whole team. 

The team will discuss whether the person deserves the increase and whether this would be fair to the rest of the company. 

However, the team cannot vet a salary increase, and can only offer feedback, they don't any decision-making power. 

Once the person has decided to update their salary, the increase is immediate. 

And GrantTree employees can also decrease their salary to reflect their work and responsibilities. 

When a GrantTree employee wants to review its pay, it has to sit down with the other members of the team, which will give them feedback on whether they deserve the raise ad whether it is fair to the company (stock image)  

Cecilia claimed that two members of staff did so from their own initiative.

Another limitation is that the person asking for a raise should do so in accordance with the salaries similar roles would fetch in other companies. 

The company's 45 employees all set their own salaries and can have them reviewed as often as they like. 

GrantTreee doesn't have line-managers and instead leave people to manage themselves. 

People don't have job titles either within the company, the model focuses on years of experiences and skills of each employee. 

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