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Somali soldiers convicted for torture and social media video sharing

Sunday June 25, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali military court on Sunday handed down prison sentences to three government soldiers involved in the torture and dissemination of a video on the internet. The disturbing video depicted a former disabled soldier being beaten by one of the convicted individuals while the other two soldiers shared the CCTV footage with social media influencers.

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamud, also known as Arab, was identified in the video as the perpetrator of the inhumane torture inflicted upon the young man who had sought service at the Traffic Bureau. Arab has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Additionally, the court sentenced Ahmed Hassan Adawe, the head of the CCTV camera department at the office, and Abdullahi Abukar Arif, the individual responsible for spreading the video on the internet, to two years of military imprisonment.

According to a statement from the armed forces court, the soldiers could share the footage with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Prosecution, which would have been the appropriate course of action. However, they chose to humiliate the traffic police department instead.

Chief of the Military First Decree Court, Hassan Ali Noor Shute, emphasized that if they are dissatisfied with today's verdict, they still can appeal.

Earlier this month, the court in Bosaso sentenced five young men to varying prison terms for their attack on an impoverished family. The assault occurred in the family's residence, where they were tortured and threatened.

The young men were given prison sentences ranging from five to six years and a four thousand-dollar fine.

The group brazenly posted a video of their abusive acts towards the family in their residence. The video included distressing footage of the father, mother, and some of their children.