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Puntland state's president initiates major administration overhaul amid rising political tensions

Sunday June 25, 2023


Garowe (HOL) - President of Puntland State Said Abdullahi Deni made sweeping changes to his administration on Saturday with a little over six months left in his mandate and the regional capital Garowe facing escalating political disputes that have ignited violent clashes.

The major restructuring involves a host of new appointments, including the directors for the ministries of finance, disaster management, animal husbandry, home affairs, security, planning, environment, agriculture, and fisheries. Alongside these, Deni also replaced both the governor and the police department commander in the Nugal region and commissioned new military officers and advisors.

Many of Deni's appointees are from the Nugal or Garowe regions. Observers believe this to be a strategic move to mitigate political and security tensions in Garowe city, where opposition politicians have actively contested Deni's plans for the upcoming elections and constitution unveiling.

Adding to the shake-up, Deni has excised positions held by individuals suspected of maintaining close ties with opposition politicians, who previously held significant influence over the appointment of those now dismissed.