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Mogadishu and Belgrade mayors discuss potential sister-city partnership in Serbia meeting

Thursday June 15, 2023


Belgrade (HOL) - Banadir Region's Governor and Mogadishu's Mayor, Mr. Yuuf Hussein Jimale (Madale), embarked on an official visit to Belgrade, Serbia, aiming to strengthen ties and share expertise.

During this trip, Mayor Jimale held substantive discussions with Belgrade's Mayor, Mr. Aleksandar Šapić. Among the prominent attendees was the Somali Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed; the City Mayor's Advisor, Mr. Iman Ikar; the Director of Foreign Relations, Mr. Mohamed Hassan; the Regional Center's Security Chief, Captain Bile Gutale; and the Banadir Region's Planning Director, Engineer Abdullahi Kheyr, along with other diplomatic dignitaries.

The primary focus of the meeting was to explore the potential establishment of a sister-city partnership between Mogadishu and Belgrade. Talks also covered the potential for Serbia to send engineering experts to Mogadishu. The specialists would thoroughly assess Mogadishu's drainage system and devise strategies for public transport, emergency traffic services, and educational transit systems. Topics of city traffic management, such as the coordination of trucking operations and parking space usage, were also tabled.

Mayor Madale highlighted the historical significance of the robust relationship between Mogadishu and Belgrade, which has primarily been centred around urban development. He advocated for the rejuvenation of this cooperative bond.

Belgrade's Mayor, Mr. Šapić, reciprocated this sentiment, noting that the legacy of the collaborative efforts between the two capitals was evident. He said, "Our shared history is preserved in the Belgrade memorial archives, showcasing the joint efforts of leaders from both Mogadishu and Belgrade, including Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Adde, Mr. Yusuf Ibrahim Ali, Mr. Osman Mohamed Jelle, and Hassan Abshir Fasax."

In a separate dialogue, the Banadir Region's Governor engaged with Col. Milos Andjic, the Serbian Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security. Col. Andjic expressed Serbia's willingness to support the Somali Government's infrastructure development initiatives.

Additionally, Governor Madale networked with private sector firms excelling in bridge and road construction.