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Million-dollar embezzlement: Banadir court exposes corruption allegations against governmnet officials

Thursday July 20, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - Banadir Regional Court on Thursday started live televising trials against four junior officials from the Immigration department, who are facing charges of corruption and public theft.

The four individuals brought before the court are Abdullahi Mohamud Osoble, Omar Moalin Nor, Sabir Hassan Abdinur, and Adan Mohamed Abdi.

The first defendant, Omar Moalin Nor, faces accusations of embezzling a staggering $7 million of public property and government revenue. The second suspect, Abdullahi Mohamud Osoble, allegedly stole $560,500, purportedly using false documents to obtain government funds.

The third defendant, Sabir Hassan Abdi Noor, stands accused of embezzling $482,730 of public property and government revenue, which the court believes was carried out through forged documents.

 Lastly, the court charged Adan Mohamed Abdi with embezzling $88,640, obtained through counterfeit bills and stamps.

The defendants' defence lawyers argued against some of the charges brought against their clients.

Somalia's prosecutors have recently filed charges against 18 officials accused of various offences, including corruption, theft, public funds diversion, document falsification, and duty dereliction. Nine accused individuals are currently in detention, while the remaining nine are believed to be outside the country.