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Intense battle rrupts in disputed city of Las Anod: Somaliland army and SSC clash

Tuesday June 27, 2023

Las Anod (HOL) - Heavy fighting has broken out between the Somaliland army and the SSC erupted on Monday in the disputed city of Las Anod, located in the Sool region.

Reports indicate that this battle is significantly more intense than those that have occurred in recent days, forcing residents to evacuate.

Somaliland's Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack on their military position in the Sool region. The ministry identified the aggressors as a coalition of militias from Las Anod, Puntland, and an undisclosed terrorist group.

Most of the fighting is concentrated in the city's eastern region, a hotspot for continuous clashes over the past few days. Somaliland, expressing growing frustration over what it sees as an invasion, recently announced plans to move into Las Anod.

The catalyst for this escalation remains unclear, although available information suggests that the conflict began with an exchange of artillery fire between the two sides.