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Governor Ali Jeyte: A Hero Betrayed by Political Intrigue

by Ismail J. Warsame
Monday June 19, 2023

In a nation plagued by the persistent threat of terrorism, one man emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. Governor Ali Jeyte of Hiiraan, Somalia, led a courageous armed resistance against the notorious Al Shabaab terrorists. Despite meager resources, he organized a local movement called "Ma'awisley" that defied all odds and successfully uprooted the extremist group from vast lands in Hiiraan, Middle Shabelle, and Galgadud. Governor Jeyte's heroic efforts not only inspired his fellow Somalis to take up arms but also garnered admiration from the international community. However, instead of receiving the recognition he deserved, he now finds himself at the center of a political storm.

The Audacity of the Hirshabelle Administration:

Governor Jeyte's achievements on the battleground should have earned him the utmost respect, increased resources, and unwavering support should be the minimum reward. Yet, the barely functional Hirshabelle Administration shockingly attempted to replace him with an individual of lesser experience. This audacious move by the two notorious leaders of Hirshabelle, Ali Guudlaawe and Yusuf Ahmed Hagar, President and VP, respectively, both of whom neither possess the necessary competence nor the political capital to remove Governor Jeyte, reeks of political maneuvering and ulterior motives.

Allegations of Corruption:

Unverified reports circulating suggest that a staggering sum of two million dollars exchanged hands as bribes to orchestrate the removal of Governor Jeyte. If these allegations hold any truth, it represents a severe blow to the integrity and credibility of the Hirshabelle Administration. More importantly, it raises concerns about the fight against Al Shabaab and the overall safety and security of Somalia. The timing of this news comes as a surprise to those who were optimistic about the progress made in tackling terrorism.

Governor Jeyte's Swift Rejection and Declaration of Independence:

Governor Jeyte, together with several high-profile elected officials from the Hiiraan region, wasted no time in rejecting this executive order. They vowed to break away from the Hirshabelle regional administration and declared an independent Hiiraan State until genuine political power-sharing arrangements could be established. Their resolute stance demonstrates the deep-rooted frustration with the current state of affairs and the urgent need for meaningful change.

The President's Silence and the Fragile Government:

As the crisis unfolds, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s silence on the matter raises eyebrows. Experts warn that the longer the president waits to respond to this urgent matter, the worse the outcome for Somalia's fragile government. This administration is already grappling with numerous simultaneous crises, and a failure to address the concerns raised by Governor Jeyte and his supporters will further erode public trust and confidence.


Governor Ali Jeyte's extraordinary leadership in the battle against Al Shabaab has earned him the deep respect and admiration of people from all regions of Somalia, as well as the diaspora communities and international allies fighting terrorism. The attempt by the Hirshabelle Administration to remove him from his position is an affront to his heroic efforts and undermines the progress made in combating extremism. As the Somali government navigates through a multitude of challenges, it is imperative that President Mohamud takes swift action to address the grievances of Governor Jeyte and ensure the stability and security of the nation. The fate of Somalia hangs in the balance, and the world watches with bated breath to see how this critical situation unfolds.

Ismail J. Warsame, Oregon, USA Geopolitical Analyst
Email: [email protected]