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Breaking: Hiiraan State President Rejects Mogadishu Talks Invitation, Citing Political Maneuvering

Wednesday June 28, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - In a significant development, Ali Jeyte, the interim president of the newly established Hiiraan State administration, has declined an invitation extended by Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to travel to Mogadishu for talks, Hiiraan Online has learned.

This decision comes amidst a deepening rift over Jeyte’s recent dismissal as the governor of the Hiiraan region by Ali Guudlaawe, the president of Hirshabelle State.

Jeyte, who denounced his removal as ‘unlawful’ was subsequently elected as the president of Hiiraan State by the local communities and officials.

According to reliable sources, Jeyte perceives President Mohamud’s invitation as a deliberate attempt to undermine his new regional administration and create a power vacuum that his rival, the newly appointed Hiiraan governor sanctioned by Guudlaawe, can exploit to seize control.

Jeyte’s concerns extend beyond mere political maneuvering. It is reported that he also suspects a conspiracy to arrest him upon his arrival in Mogadishu, his rival's advantage.

The dispute between Jeyte and Guudlaawe has sparked deep divisions among local communities and intensified regional power struggles.