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Why Russia is no friend of Africa – and why Ukraine deserves the support of all African countries

Volodymyr Zelensky

Africa’s ignorance of the effects of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine may have contributed to the absence of most of its leaders in a conference requested by the Ukrainian leader. Another factor was some of the countries economic ties to Russia regarding oil and gas. Africa’s blind loyalty to countries like China and Russia is a clear demonstration of economic survival with risks  that sometimes bring serious global consequences on the continent’s influence on global matters!
It also demonstrates the political immaturity of some of its leaders who navigate around the decision-making corridors of global economic powers with utmost naivety, putting the reputation of the continent in total despair.

Forgetting that the lack of grain in the continent is simply as a result of the aggressive behaviour of Russia against Ukraine, the largest supplier of grain to the continent , and supporting Russia in its blatant disregard of International conventions, is simply idiotic of most of its leaders whose non-existent cohesive foreign policy agendas, offers nothing to be proud of by most of their citizenry.

What Africa lacks are statesmen. The Nyerere’s Kaundas, Jomo Kenyattas, Ernest Bai Koromas and Nelson Mandelas, leaders with caliber and political wit who know where to draw the line when it comes to designing their country’s foreign policy agendas.
Zelensky must have felt sympathetic at the gross display of lack of political savviness as most of the continent’s leaders albeit but five did not show up at a meeting that would have created the opportunity to salvage the grain crisis!

Africa must wake up to the reality that it’s destiny is in its own hands as for it to be taken seriously around the table of global decision making it must demonstrate its merit and its ability to drive through its own agenda and influence outcomes that will define its future.
There are leaders in the continent who are capable. But the need to have corrupt allies like China and Russia to help them sustain their stay in power overrides the necessity to put country/continent first, China and Russia know the weaknesses of the continent and have taken advantage of that and put the continent in a vulnerable economic and political state that has deprived the continent of a voice in global matters and reduced it to spectator status rather than  a serious counterpart in global decision making!

The anguish held against former colonial masters like Britain has deprived the continent of a sober minded approach to global matters because countries like Britain are always seen as having a colonial agenda despite Britain being one of the biggest donor countries with a comprehensive aid program that runs across the continent in different forms from DFID to British Aid and all other British based world known charities who receive constant support from the government in their charity programs across the continent. Budgetary support is key to British assistance to the continent. And British diplomatic presence in the continent has become one of the most productive and excellent forms of providing leadership and government support even when it comes to helping design civil service structures and various government structures to safeguard economic and political sustainability.
Russia and China have successfully been able to prosecute their agenda by convincing African states that they can support even rogue regimes to suffocate democracy and the rule of law at the detriment of its people! China and Russia do not mean well for Africa. They are only keen on making the west look bad to Africa with no direction towards a more progressive democratic and political structure.

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