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Time is running out: ECSL must address voter concerns over sub-par voter ID Cards

ILRJ: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 April 2023:

By all accounts, the 2023 voter identification cards produced by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone  (ECSL) are substandard and mediocre. Many cards contain errors, such as incorrect gender and blurred photos, making identifying the voter difficult or impossible. This would have been comical if it were not so costly.

The security features on these cards are questionable at best. A high-quality voter identification card should contain holograms or other visible and invisible marks that cannot be easily replicated or forged.

Moreover, the QR code on the card should facilitate quick and accurate identification of the voter and not just repeat the registration number.

The poor management and printing of the voter identification cards raise serious concerns for the upcoming elections and could lead to severe consequences. These mistakes in the voter identification process can create confusion and frustration among voters and could potentially result in voter suppression if eligible voters are wrongly deemed ineligible to vote.

This could ultimately lead to an increase in disputes and challenges during and after the election process, eroding the credibility of the elections.

The Election Commissin Sierra Leone must take immediate steps to address these issues and ensure that voter registration cards are accurate and high-quality. They should reissue cards to affected voters or provide alternative identification options at polling stations.

Given the short timeframe before the election, it is critical that the ECSL acts promptly and transparently so that voters can have confidence in the accuracy and impartiality of the electoral process.

Additionally, it is crucial that the ECSL provides clear and accessible information to voters on how to verify their registration status and address any issues they may encounter before and during the voting process.

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