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SLAWIJ interim executive terminated for alleged breach of corporate governance

Hassan Gbassay Koroma

The new board  of the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Journalism (SLAWIJ), has announced the termination of the interim executive of the association due to alleged breach of corporate governance principles, over stay in office and lack of transparency and accountability.

The termination was announced on July 31, via a press release signed by the Association’s Corporate Secretary, Yeama Thompson.

 According to the new board, the decision to terminate the Interim Executive was the result of a thorough review into several serious  concerns related to corporate governance and some of the key reasons, includes overstay of their mandate, contrary to the interim arrangements of six months.

They said the reason also includes the failure to maintain accurate and annual narrative and financial records including the dues paid by family members, Non-disclosure of relevant donor funds to the Board of Directors, leading to a lack of transparency in financial matters, and  neglecting to adhere to internal financial controls and protocols.

They also stated that the reasons further includes, neglecting to produce annual audited reports since taking up office, disregarding corporate governance principles, including conflicts of interest and non-compliance in convening a meeting to finalise discussions of an annual general meeting, exhibiting behaviour that may damage the reputation and integrity of our organization.

They stated that the new Board of Directors and executive leadership have taken the issues extremely seriously, as they undermine the core values and principles upon which the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Journalism was founded and that they are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct.

“The termination of the temporary Executive is not a decision taken lightly. Our organization is dedicated to serving our community and fulfilling our mission with utmost dedication and integrity. The actions taken are necessary to safeguard the trust placed in us by our stakeholders, donors, and the public,” they stated.

They assure that steps are already underway to restore financial integrity, implement stronger governance measures, and ensure that all members fully comply with our policies and regulations and they will convene an Annual General meeting in the next few weeks to institute a new Executive.

They further noted that the new Board of Directors has re-registered at Corporate Affairs will steer activities of SLAWIJ in the interim, noting that  the Corporate Affairs Commission has been duly informed, and status of registration has been reviewed.

 “Despite our corporate status, we recognise the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) as the parent body for journalists in Sierra Leone and as we proceed, we request understanding and respect for the privacy and confidentiality of those involved while we recognize the media’s role in reporting on matters of public interest.” they noted.

They urge responsible and accurate reporting to prevent further damage to their organization’s reputation.