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Sierra Leone’s media must pay attention to miscarriages of justice in the legal sector – Op ed

Dr Doma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 July 2023:

In the realm of justice, Sierra Leone has been grappling with a persistent and distressing issue – the miscarriage of justice. The very foundation of a fair legal system seems to be crumbling, leaving countless individuals deprived of their right to a just trial. (Chief Justice Babatunde Edwards).

This dark reality exposes the glaring shortfalls and insufficiencies that plague Sierra Leone’s justice system, demanding immediate attention and reform.

One of the most egregious aspects of this miscarriage of justice is the stark contrast between the privileged and the marginalized. It is disheartening to witness how the scales of justice tip in favour of the wealthy and influential, while the less fortunate are left to languish in a pool of injustice. The haves obtain legal representation and wield their power to sway outcomes, while the have-nots are often left to navigate the labyrinthine legal process alone.

Amidst this alarming situation, the media can and should play a pivotal role in exposing these miscarriages of justice. Journalists are the sentinels of truth, and their objective reporting can shed light on the injustices faced by ordinary citizens, as well as bring attention to cases that have been buried under the weight of influence and power. By presenting unbiased and comprehensive accounts, the media can create public awareness, thereby fostering pressure on the legal sector to address the imbalances.

To achieve a just society, it is imperative that the principles of equality and fairness are upheld without any favour or influence. The media, in its pursuit of justice for all, must be relentless in investigating and reporting on cases with utmost professionalism and integrity. (Photo above: Sierra Leone Association of Journalists President Ahmed Nasralla and President Bio). 

Semantic words and idioms can add depth and impact to their narratives, ensuring that the gravity of the situation is effectively conveyed to the public. It is only when the media takes on this crucial role of a watchdog that the much-needed reforms can take place in Sierra Leone’s justice system.

In conclusion, the miscarriage of justice in Sierra Leone’s legal sector is a pressing issue that demands attention and action. The disparities between the privileged and the marginalized must be exposed and rectified.

The media stands as a beacon of hope, capable of revealing the truth and advocating for justice for all. Only when the media operates with objectivity, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to the truth, can we aspire to achieve a fair and just society for every citizen, regardless of their status or influence.