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Sierra Leone Presidential election – Verified results show APC is leading the SLPP by a wide margin

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 June 2023:

Data collected at the Polling Stations is based on RRF forms and would have been signed by Political Parties and Election Observers.

The Polling Data for 100% of the results show the APC is leading the SLPP in the Presidential elections, with 1,774,860 votes for Samura Kamara and 1,363,200 votes for Julius Maada Bio.

In contrast, the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), has not made input data available so that the 60% data it reported can be verified. Unlike the Polling Station data which has been verified by all Parties, National and International observers, the 60% data is not verified.

The 60% data announced yesterday by the ECSL show significant abnormalities in at least six districts.

In Kailahun, the Polling Station data shows 124,848 votes for Bio (at 100% of Polling Stations), yet the 60% data recorded 145,886 votes for Bio, which is 17% more. This suggests that through the tallying process, ECSL has stuffed SLPP votes in Kailahun.

Similar vote stuffing is reported in Pujehun where Bio’s vote is 72,693 at 60%, compared to 70,859 at 100%

Another trend in the 60% reported data is the suppression of APC votes, when compared to the Polling Station data. At 60%, you would expect the trend to be on track or within a reasonable range.

In Kailahun, Samura Kamara achieved 40,491 based on 100% of Polling Station data, yet at 60% reporting, 5,221 votes are reported for Samura, which is 13%.

This under-reporting of votes is seen in Kailahun, Kenema, Bo, Moyamba and Pujehun, all in the Southeast of the country.

Both National and International Elections Observers are therefore asked to confirm or refute these figures or publish their own figures.

Having published these erroneous figures, ECSL is attempting to do two things:

Firstly, there is a deliberate intention to create confusion among the APC rank and file and their supporters, which may give the military a pretext to intervene and interfere with the democratic process.

Secondly, there are indications the ECSL intends to publish the remaining data (in a skewed manner, as it did with the 60%), this morning and immediately following that, President Bio will be confirmed as the winner.

Sierra Leoneans should refuse to accept the 60% reported figures provided by ECSL and must demand that National and International Elections Observers provide the verified votes in full, as ECSL has shown that it is not inclined to do so and is working with police and military authorities to declare Bio the winner.

If Sierra Leoneans do not take a stand on this, then you will have to endure another five years under President Bio.

You can read below – Polling Data at 100% (Verified) and 60% (Unverified):